It’s been a year since I last did my first blog post for Trinket Cove. Recently, I came across a really pretty piece that was soon-to-be-launched, and it was love at first sight :) The Lush collection was created for the modern woman, with fashion-conscious accessories that stay true to the brand’s philosophy of timeless elegance and style.

I’ve been drawn to statement necklaces of late, as I’m finally able to embrace a new wardrobe with the nature of my role ;) Statement necklaces can elevate a simple outfit instantly, and I’ve been loving them. I find it difficult to find suitable ones sometimes, as I’m always worried about how it will be too bling. There’s a fine line between statement and OTT. Flowers are always a good idea though ^^

Trinket Cove Isabelle Necklace

Initially I saw the white version of Isabelle on @trinketcove’s Instagram page, and I loved it! Then I discovered there were more colours available, and I thought the pastel pink and blue version was so unique! They were both sooooo gorgeous. And I really had a tough time deciding between the two :(

Eventually settled on the dual-coloured one because I felt that it would add more colour to my outfit! (: And I’m absolutely loving it. It’s become one of my most worn pieces of jewellery so far ^^ Last piece in white available when I’m writing this post! Not sure whether there will still be stocks when the post is published. If it is, grab it while it lasts!

Trinket Cove is now stocked at Missy Style boutique at Level 2 of The Arcade at Raffles Place! You can check out the store to try on the pieces and purchase them (:


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