Omnomnom USA!

Where should I start? Haha I’m so excited to talk about allthe different places I visited! On my holiday I triedquite a number of places, quite a number of which were the food chains which can be found all around usa, but there were also those that are more unique and definitely worth writing about :D Anyway, all of these places can’t be found in Singapore so it’ll be nice to check them out if you’re on holiday :) I just have a brief description of each place – just to get you interested ;) – cos if I describe every single dish, this post is gonna be superrr long.
ready, get set…GO!
Food chains

Red Lobster

Red Lobster is famous for its…no prizes for guessing, lobster of course! and also other seafood dishes. its seafood is really fresh and they do it beautifully.
IHOP stands for International House of Pancakes! hahaha! they have super huge stacks of pancakes that are topped with such a generous amount of goodies of your choice. breakfast, lunch and dinner. this can totally constitute a full meal. i had it for dinner #2 after taco bell O.o haha omg. you can imagine how fat i’ve gotten :( 


This is your typical american food restaurant. it used to be in singapore!!!! but it moved out quite a few years ago :( so sad. i actually quite like dennys! although there is nothing very outstanding about it i suppose. but it has a cosy feeling :)

Taco Bell

haha can you believe it, i never heard of taco bell before until my friend told me about it! :P and he said its one of the most popular fast food chains in america :P ooooops. haha! so i definitely had to try it right! since i love nachos, i naturally love taco bell as well! but mummy wasnt satisfied by it, so we had to go hunting for dinner #2 haha.
Shake Shack
shake shack is famous for their burgers! but not just that. try their custards too (see the one in the picture!) which is an awesome blend of a smooth cream with different ingredients based on what you chose. their custards vary from day to day (not sure what is the difference since we only tried it once) and it is absolutely to-die-for :D

City Tavern
I really learnt a lot about american history when i went for this trip :O and since americans were kind of like descendants from Britain, so there is are a lot of cultural stuff passed down from there. Taverns are one of the most classic dining places ever! and the staff are dressed in the old english costumes which is so cute (:
138 South Street at Walnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106
Tel.: +1 215 413 1443
Junior’s Cheesecake
touted to be the BEST CHEESECAKE in new york – is that something that you can resist?! :D haha their cheesecakes are really rich, thick and creamy. the ultimate indulgence. and don’t judge it by the size of this slice. i have no idea why their new york cheesecake is so ‘small’. okay, it’s average sized. but the rest of their cakes are mega-huge. haha. try it. you’ll love it :D
West 45th St.between Broadway and 8th Ave
New York
Tel.: +1 212 302 2000
Bon Chon Chicken
this is fried chicken like no other. located in a small shop which was almost obscured by the others around it, this is an absolute hidden find! the chicken is fried in a special way such that the fats are supposed to be melted away O.o i dont know whether that makes it any healthier, but it definitely gives the skin a satisfying crunchiness with tender piping hot meat inside (:
325 5th Avenue New York
New York, NY 10016
Tel.: +1 212 686 8282
Stage Deli of New York
another must-visit cheesecake place! (: just look at it! isn’t it just crying out to you?! EAT ME!!!! haha. we were immediately attracted by the displays of mountainous full cakes when we walked past this restaurant. they looked absolutely gorgeous, and it was a really tough choice deciding which cake to chose. each cake is large enough to feed 3-4 people according to the menu, so you do need some self control :P
834 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10019
Tel.: +1 212 245 7850
even if you’re not hungry, you HAVE to visit this place. the ambience itself is enough to make you want to plonk yourself there for the rest of the day. not that you can do so though. at least, i dont think they’ll let you, considering how they are full-house the ENTIRE DAY. with waiting times of up to 3-4hours, i dont think they can afford to have you sit there the whole day. it’s a beautiful place though (: if you’ve watched the movie Serendipity, it’s exactly where it was filmed (: try the iced hot chocolate (haha funny name)!!!
225E 60th Street
New York, NY 10022
Tel.: +1 212 838 3531
known as America’s First Pizzeria, this is where New York style pizza was born. the pizzas here are fully customizable, and you can decide on exactly what ingredients you would like to have on it. you can even chose to have 2 half pizzas, which means different toppings on each half. and they are massive. haha the waitress told us that for a party of 5, people will usually order 2 large pizzas. i guess that would be more applicable for the american appetite?! it was really filling O.o
32 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012-4173
Tel.: +1 212 941 7994
Pat’s King of Steaks
haha their tag line is so cute – ‘Don’t Eat a Misteak’ ;) we totally braved the gusty winds here just to eat a piping hot steak burger :) the ONLY location in the whole of the United States and in the family for over 80 years, this is the most original philly steak burgers you’ll ever get.
1237 E. Passyunk Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Tel.: +1 215 339 9872
The Dubliner
for good ol’ irish food, check out The Dubliner in Washington D.C. their fish and chips are cooked wonderfully and it makes for a hearty meal. but save some room for the irish desserts which sound really yummy! we only had space for the traditional bread pudding which was absolutely lovely (:
Number Four “F” Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001
Tel.: +1 202 737 3773
Ray’s Hell Burger
to be more accurate, the one that we ate at was Ray’s Hell Burgers Too -.- we got cheated!!!! haha okay, technically, it’s the same thing. i think Ray’s Hell Burgers too sells drinks whereas the original doesnt. but still -.- try the original please. i think it should be the same but we still felt cheated anyway :( this is supposedly the place where Barack Obama comes for his burgers! there, presidential endorsement – you have to try it!
1713 Wilson Boulevard Arlington
Virginia 22201
Tel.: +1 703 841 0001
Black Angus Grille
i really loved this place! when we were in williamsburg, we werent really sure of where to eat, so we just chose restaurants based on the proximity to our hotel. and this turned out to be a pretty good choice (: it is a really home-ly, cosy place. and maybe after the drinks, we were just in a fuzzy-wuzzy happy state which just made it all the more enjoyable. haha, but i would think that this is one of the best eateries in the area!
1433 Richmond Road
Williamsburg, VA 23185
Tel.: +1 757 229 6823
Chelsea Market – The Lobster Place
Chelsea Market is this really cute place that was converted from the meat-packing district. it’s a building with a whole row of really quaint stores selling everything you can possibly imagine! :) i wanted to do an entire post on it, but i’ve been working on my holiday posts for too long already, so i guess i’ll just condense everything into a single post. there was a store selling gorgeous 3D cakes, another selling pretty cupcakes, yummylicious brownies, beautiful christmas decorations and delicious groceries. The Lobster Place is an eatery in Chelsea Market which sells a super wide variety of fresh seafood! look at the huge lobster! it was really affordable, and super duper fresh! i loved all the sushis, salads and soups sold there as well. :D
yay that’s all the places i’ve tried! :D

My USA holiday :D

this post is wayyyy overdue!
Okie, no pictures of me on holiday this time :P haha cos I look so unglam wrapped up in all me layers D: it was so cold there!!! Absolutely horrendous >.< although I definitely had a wonderful holiday :)) but the weather.. O.o although the temperature was in the teens, the gusty winds everyday made it quite unbearable :( but! The point of this post is for me to share about the various places of interest I visited on the trip :) warning: its a long post!!

As you can see in the map, we arrived in new York at the John F Kennedy airport. We immediately started driving southwards to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Then we went on further to Virginia, Washington D.C., and then travelled back up to New York :D yep it was a free and easy driving trip this time :) so fun!!! I really enjoyed it much more than a tour group. We had much more flexibility naturally. And I love the car we rented!! Haha. We rented it from Hertz, and you can collect the car right at the airport which was really convenient :) I can’t remember what was the exact name of the car but it was a Chevrolet MPV, or whatever (im so it good at car types :p) but it was a huge 7-seater! :D hehe so shiok xD huge and comfy. Loved it to the max! oh and digress a bit. We found this radio channel called ‘The Blend’ that was pretty good! It played songs that appealed to both us as well as mummy & papa’s generation haha. Sort of like a 95fm ;) but omg. It had a serious tendency to repeat so gs. Extremely often O.o Adele’s Rolling in the deep probably topped the repeat list, with a grand total of 10 times during our trip -.- they also kept repeating lady gaga’s Edge of Glory and Mine by taylor swift. Seriously…I love these songs, but the repetition was.. -.- I mean, a few times is fine, but they could have also played different songs by the same singer right?! Haha I guess thats what happens when there isn’t a radio DJ for the channel :/

Anyway, time to get on with the places on interest! Haha.


Liberty Bell & Independence Hall

haha this was the first place i visited in USA! and i was quite bored by it :P haha. the Liberty Bell was rung to summon the citizens of Philadelphia to hear the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence, i think when Philadelphia was the capital of US then? there is quite a bit of historical significance which you can read while taking a walk through the exhibition.

Jamestown Settlement
when we went to Virginia, the places of interest were much more fun! at least in my opinion :) we visited the Jamestown Settlement, which was where Pocahontas used to live!!! it’s really cool, cos they actually reconstructed the entire place to look like what it did in the past. and there are these costumed interpretors who can bring you on a tour around the place and explain the history in detail. it might sound boring (history zzzz…?) but it was actually surprisingly interesting! we also watched an introductory film to trace Jamestown’s beginnings and the lifestyle of the Powhatan Indians who lived there which was also pretty fascinating.
and the scenery there is absolutely gorgeous :O :O :O while driving around trying to find our way to the place, we kind of got a little lost. but we came across this BEAUTIFUL creek which was just so serene and captivating that we just had to get down from the car and admire the surroundings.
Battle of Yorktown
this was another historical site similar to Jamestown, but i felt that it was more boring? it was still fun to visit the various sites which were reconstructed. but i think this part of the history was less interesting.
Colonial Williamsburg 
colonial williamsburg on the other hand was another attraction which i really enjoyed! it’s really nice to see all the quaint english houses there – it’s just so spacious! which makes everything look so much prettier.

Mount Vernon
another beautiful place we went to was mount vernon! which was the residence of george washington. that place is really nice! you can walk around and explore the estate – which is huge btw! besides the main house shown here, there are about a dozen other outbuildings in an expansive field.
and look at the view! this is the view of his backyard. imagine that! :O it was soooo breathtaking! (: (: i really loved it.
they have the costumed interpretors there too! this is martha washington (the wife of george washington), and we could go to this little house to speak to her (as if all this was taking place in the past while she was still alive). she was so cute!!! haha.
White House Visitor’s Centre
we wanted to visit the white house! but security seems to have been beefed up significantly, and now it isnt even possible to walk anywhere NEAR it. we couldnt even see it at all! -.- but we explored the visitor’s centre which has the history of all the presidents of america who have stayed in the white house. it was really quite interesting! each president who moved in brought along their own style and character, which makes for a really rich and diverse compound. pity we didnt get to go to the real grounds.
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
i was really excited to visit the smithsonian! but i was a tad disappointed by the one in washington. visit the one in new york!!! i think it’s nicer :) especially if you watched night at the museum cos it was filmed there :D the museum really does a terrific job in preserving their exhibits though! and it was really educational.
The Capitol
the Capitol is where the House of Representatives and Senate meet to debate their issues. haha this was..hmm pretty boring i thought :P mummy loved it though. haha. we were lucky that day because the house of representatives were meeting! and we managed to get tickets to go in and watch. but it was kinda disappointing. i expected more people to be there debating! -.- instead, it was rather empty in there. and i had no idea what they were talking about zzz.
Lincoln Memorial
the lincoln memorial was fun to visit, since we’ve seen in on TV so many times. but there isnt really much to do there. just visit the statue to take photos.
New York

Getting around
okayyyy NEW YORK :D haha the most happening place :D traffic congestion there is absolutely horrific, so once we were there, we returned the rented car. mostly travelled around by foot and we also signed up for a city tour by Grayline, which brought us on various routes around New York City to visit the uptown and downtown areas, Brooklyn, and also a night tour. it’s really good in that there are tour guides who will describe all the various sites and also give little nuggets of information based on their own knowledge. there are many stops along the way, so you can hop-on and hop-off at any of these stops to explore the place on foot.
one of the stops along the Grayline tours will bring you to the harbour where there is a free ferry tour to see the statue of liberty!
Times Square
when you go to new york, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to miss times square. please please make a point to visit it!!! it’s so fascinating! it’s the brightest part of new york. to be honest, i felt that new york looks way nicer on tv as compared to real life haha, but times square looks as impressive as ever. it’s super bright, super fast paced, super happening ;) that is where the new year’s ball is dropped every year.
and while you’re at times square, walk a couple of streets to broadway! there are so many wonderful shows there to catch! haha we went all the way there to watch The Lion King, instead of catching it at MBS. not that it’s cheaper. haha but i think we watched the best show cos it was a sunday! so it’s all the original cast acting. AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! haven’t watched the cartoon for so long – totally revisited beautiful memories then :) the songs are so nice!!
Empire State Building
and look at the night view of new york from the empire state building! absolutely breathtaking. i could just stand there, in the cold, looking at the city lights. that day when i went, it was really nice because it had just rained and there was no wind. might have been slightly disappointed, but it definitely made it way more bearable so that we could stay up there for a longer time.
M&M’s World
some of the stores there are so fascinating to visit too! they’re like a tourist attraction haha. like M&M’s world! look at the amount of M&M’s there!!!!! this was just 1/3 of the collection haha. it was soooo fun! and there are all sorts of M&M’s merchandise there.
Madam Tussauds Wax Museum
on the last day of our tour we went to Madam Tussauds Wax Museum. it was pretty fun! totally the perfect camwhoring experience, with all the ‘stars’ :)
haha after this super long post, tempted to visit the US east coast? ;)