Il Giusto

finally! last of the restaurants to go in Castellanza. who knew there were so many?! haha. Il Giusto is actually nearer to legnano, rather than Castellanza itself. we had to walk pretty far! but it was worth it ^^ definitely one of the better places for food here! it was hilarious how the place looked completely deserted when we reached there though -.- we were early. by italian standards that is. reached around 7pm and the place looked closed, even though the opening hours stated that it was early? we were devastated D: we had walked for 20mins for nothing??!! stood there for 5min and decided to randomly ring a bell that we saw. and it worked!!!!! haha. the chef personally came to the door to open it for us lol. and we had the pleasure of being the only customers for the most part of our meal (Y).
we started with the bread, which simply blew me away with how delicious it was!!! so many varieties! as you can see in the photo. and each of them were absolutely amazing. especially the sesame one! soooo goooood.
i ordered the salmon (€10) which was a really simple, yet tasty dish (: the salmon felt so healthy, and it came with sundried tomatoes, spinach and almonds which complemented it perfectly and lent flavour to it. 
sam ordered the tuna pasta (€10) that was not bad! but just a little strange because of the taste of the olives. 
we really didn’t have any fate with dessert that week though! :( all those i wanted were always not available. sigh. then again it was probably a good thing, because i think i gained at least 1kg just by eating out that week -.- haha.
Il Giusto
Via Locatelli, 2

Locanda Settembrini

this restaurant was probably one of the first places in Castellanza we dined out at. thanks to the recommendation of our friends ^^ and i daresay it’s the place with the best pasta in castellanza! (: we were getting quite disappointed with the dining-out options we had, but realised that it really wasn’t too bad in our little town after all! Locanda Settembrini definitely impressed with its flair in doing pastas and i regret not going back for more.
we heard sterling reviews of the pappardelle al salmone (€9) way before coming here, and it didn’t disappoint! although i was rather apprehensive upon hearing that it was cream-tomato based (my fear of carbonara just wouldn’t go away haha), i needn’t have worried. this was divine! though creamy, the flavour of the tomato sauce more than countered it, and produced a delightful sauce that made us want to lick the plate clean.
because i was worried about the creaminess, i opted for the spaghetti alta marea (€10) instead, which was a pesto-based pasta with prawns and squid. loved how fragrant this dish was!
and sam’s dish has got to be the star of this restaurant!!!! the flaming aluminium-foil swan earned him “oohs!” and “ahhs!” when it was placed in front of him. haha the boy basked in the limelight for a few minutes ;) and the amazing presentation of the penne all’astice (€20) was simply a prelude to actual show! the lobster pasta was so robustly flavoured that a multitude of tastes exploded in my mouth when i took a bite of it. absolutely wonderful, and completely worth its relatively hefty price tag. 
Locanda Settembrini
Via Do Testori 30/A


i was just going through my photos to find the pizza place we first ate in Castellanza. and it suddenly just brought back a whole slew of images of this place. it’s been only about a month since i’ve got back to singapore, and it already feels like the past half a year is somewhat like a distant memory. something i’ll look back on fondly, knowing that i’ll never have another experience like this again (or maybe i will…haha if i dream enough :p).
i realised i didn’t post many pictures of life in castellanza. probably because it was just way too boring there. haha after the first two weeks we kinda figured there was really no point staying too long in this town, nor Milan, because either of these places had nothing much of value really. but i do miss those days, when life was really about just planning the next trip :p in between lessons, during lessons and after lessons haha. yep, that was my life for 4 months :P and i really enjoyed doing this. from being a complete noob at the start, i think i became quite good at it towards the end ;) and i did feel a sense of accomplishment planning our final italy trip! ;) 
haha we really didn’t take a lot of pics actually. because *AHEM* sam doesn’t like to take photos -.- something we are probably going to disagree on forever :P haha. these pics were in our first week or so in italy! (: when i was still relatively slim then… -.- haha. our first taste of limoncello, which we immediately concluded that it tastes disgusting! like drinking lozenges O.o 
i always have mildly retarded expressions on my face…trying to look greedy but #fail.
and now this is one greedy boy :P
heehee. this is our favourite pizza place! okay i know i said that Pizzeria Mondello has the best pizzas, but this was the shop that we patronized so often ^^ more for the kebabs though! because it is the most balanced meal we could get. LOVED the kebabs, although im sure there are better ones everywhere else in europe (this seems to be their kind of fast food! which i like way more than macs actually :D). and we went there so often, usually before and after every single trip haha, that the staff could recognise us ;) guess it’s quite interesting to be a minority and stand out in the crowd for once! ^^ unfortunately i can’t remember the name of this place, but it’s the ONLY kebab shop in castellanza and it’s right next to school, soooo i’m sure it’s easy to find ;) this town is not big at all :) 

Pizzeria l’espresso

something to remember when you’re here!!! – try their seafood pastas, and DON’T order what we did :p haha, unless you’re a humongous fan of cheese that is ;)

you might be thinking “what a way to start off this post”…haha yeah i realise it sounds a little strong, but yepps just take a look at my spaghetti alla carbonara (€6). i had such a tough time getting even half of this down my throat. i’m honestly not a fan of carbonara and this just proved my point further. the thing is, many places in italy serve the most amazing carbonara ever! that is not creamy AT ALL, simply made with lots of eggs and really much lighter than what i’d known carbonara to be. and so i decided to try carbonara once before i left italy, and unfortunately it was a big mistake :( the first few mouths were tolerable. very very cheesy though, and i couldn’t finish half my plate. and it was a huge portion! which was such a waste :( 

the penne mari e monti (€10) was cheesy, but in a different way. somehow mixing spoonfuls of this in between my carbonara made it more bearable. i think because this had some sort of a mushroomy/meaty flavour that helped to neutralize it a little. nevertheless, don’t order this, because the ingredients inside were a little strange. really no idea what it is O.o

so what is the point of this post if you’re not supposed to eat anything we ordered? 

hahaha. because we saw other tables ordering the seafood pasta which looked AMAZING. it looked and smelled so mouth-watering and we were damnnn jealous of it!!!! haha wish we had ordered that D: but so now i’m advising you, and you know what to order from there ;)

Pizzeria L’espresso
Via Borsano 42

Pizzeria Mondello

i’m back to continue with my castellanza posts! :P haha abit retarded, i don’t know who actually reads this. but juuuust in case some exchange students happen to want to know places to go in this little town (not that there are many), hopefully these posts will be useful to them! ;)

the BEST pizza in castellanza would be at pizza mondello! ^^ honestly, after eating italian pizza for 4 months, i really got quite bored of it because there was barely any variety at all. so if there was ANY chance at all where there was a slightly wider variety of pizza, i would jump at it ;) and this place was one of them! pity we only tried it out in our last week in italy though :( then again, it’s the most expensive option for pizza here. 

we opted for the Salina pizza (€6.50) which was a seafood pizza with fried calamari and shrimps! actually the shrimps totally looked like prawns haha (which is a good thing). always love italian pizzas for their crispy thin crust, and this was definitely one of the more tasty pizzas i’ve eaten, with it’s less typical ingredients ;)

so as usual…we were greedy xP haha. because we were so starved and they took so long to serve our first pizza, we gobbled it down within like, idk, less than 10 mins? and the thin crust really makes it feel so light! haha so we greedily decided to order another one….which was obviously a big mistake. not that it wasn’t good! i loved the Liscio calzone (€6) we ordered, and i’m glad that i had the chance to try this while in italy. but honestly, the first pizza was just nice (just that we ate too fast so we didn’t feel the fullness obviously) and the second was, as usual, too much. haha. we ended up not eating half the crust (even though i loved it!) because it was just way too much. 

anyway, so if you’re looking for the best pizza in Castellanza, this is the place to go ;)

Pizzeria Mondello
Via Eugenio Cantoni, 77