Phuket! (:

school’s starting! but amazingly i managed to squeeze in a holiday with my bestie in between all the craziness :D
phuket :))))
walking up the plane! haha budget airplanes are so funny.
ready for takeoff! :D i really hate planes though :( okay, it wasn’t that bad this time cos it was only a 1.5hour ride, but still :/ and love the sunglasses x)
satisfying the basic need of food at the weekend market :D the pad thai was super nice and fragrant with the wok hei taste!
we bought random beachy stuff like sarongs there! :D haha it was so cute and colourful :)
and flowers for our hair!
we went to visit the pretty beaches on phi phi island!
but to do that, we had to take this horrendous speedboat which was SUPER BUMPY and turbulent :( yucksssss. seasick :/
the rest of the time, we spent having massages (everyday!) and chilling in our awesome pool. it was super nice k! like once we walked out of our room, the pool was there. how wonderful :D
see the night view of the pool! so pretty (:
we could even EAT in the pool! how cool is that right.
of course, no phototaking is complete without camwhoring! :D :D :D this is just one out of the 50 photos we took i think. haha. an effective way to bump up the number of holiday photos ;)
our room (:
end of holiday :)))