Krabi under $500 (all-inclusive)

Hi! (: I just came back from Krabi recently and it was probably one of my most budget trips ever, without having to try too hard at all! I spent less than $500 all inclusive of flights, accommodation etc. Sharing my itinerary with all of you, if you happen to be going there sometime soon ^^ 

I guess this is the Ao Nang Cliff?

Ao Nang Beach

I stayed at Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort, which was a short 5min walk from the beach. The location was pretty awesome because the resort was surrounded by food and massage places, so there were plenty of options for us. There’s also a 7eleven, McDonalds and Starbucks just next door, just in case you need them desperately (though I can’t imagine why you would). 

The room was pretty big and had a huge comfy bed. It was really well equipped, and even had holiday essentials like a picnic basket and umbrellas! 

We had breakfast included in the price of our room, and I’ve got to say that we were pretty impressed with the spread! Honestly didn’t expect much since it wasn’t a luxury resort or anything, but it was definitely more than decent. Loved the eggs station, where we got our daily dose of omelette/sunny side up/scrambled eggs, and there was salad, bread, yogurt and other cooked dishes as well. 

The hotel has a daily themed BBQ buffet dinner at an astonishingly affordable 390 baht! It was great for a lazy night when we didn’t want to step out of our hotel for dinner, and for SGD 16, I would say it was a pretty good deal!! There was a decent selection of BBQ items cooked on the spot, a salad bar, cooked items (which change based on the theme of the night), dessert, and (my favourite) a pad thai station where you can get it fresh, a la minute. 

Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort is affiliated to Andamana Beach Club, which is a stretch of private beach available for hotel guests. We went there full of expectation, but I guess we should have known better :P Do not be fooled by this photo – it looked much less impressive in real life. The good thing was that it was quiet and peaceful, but other than that, there was really nothing to do there besides lazing around. There is a free shuttle bus to the beach club, and you can book the transport there with the hotel reception.

We were pretty nuts with this, and we kept going back to the same place because the food was SO GOOD!!!! And I would say that it’s definitely affordable by Singapore standards. We ordered so much food between the two of us till we were stuffed, and only paid about 250 baht (SGD 10) each!

Go check out Aree Ba Ba, especially if you’re staying in the area (: It’s kinda just diagonally opposite the road across Ao Nang Cliff Beach.

I went for massages while I was in Krabi. #thingstodoonabeachholiday. It’s sooooo cheap here! Literally. Whether it was a foot massage or full body massage (and they had so many types of it), we only paid 200 baht (SGD 8) for each of them. The trick? Bargain. I had lots of fun with that in Krabi heh ^^


We were such lazybones on this trip that we didn’t do many activities. Possibly one of the reasons why we spent so little as well, because the activities would probably have been the bulk of the costs. But the tip here is to do your research online before you head to Krabi! This is not just to find out what to do there, but also to get a sense of what is a reasonable price to pay for the activities.

Case in point: I checked out how much it cost to book an island-hopping tour online, and it was roughly 500 baht. Went to the hotel, and the price was 650 baht. It is usually more expensive to book through the hotel, so unless you don’t want to take the risk of booking through a random agent, or you just don’t want to spend the extra effort to search, I wouldn’t recommend that you go for the hotel option. Along the streets, we saw that prices were generally 450 baht, which was even cheaper than online!

We were spoilt for choice, and decided to just approach a random stall. Guess what? They quoted us 1000 baht??!?!?!!?!?! WHUTTTT. This is why you have to do research. Imagine paying that amount of money for something worth less than half the price! We immediately bargained and offered 400 baht. And they accepted immediately! Gosh, which actually meant that we could have got it for even less. But it was only SGD 16, for a four island tour including lunch. Really quite a good deal to us, and we decided to just take it. I don’t really know how to tell which stall was legit or not, but it turned out alright for us.

Tup Island

Chicken Island

I’d definitely recommend the four island tour! We opted for the long tail boat, which is not just cheaper, but also less bumpy than a speedboat ride. I took the speedboat in Phuket previously and nearly died from seasickness x.x This was wayyyy better. And because the beach at Ao Nang is really nothing fantastic, we were so happy to find the pristine clear waters on the various islands which we visited on the tour ^^

Flight: SGD 126 per pax
Accommodation: <SGD 300 for 2pax
Massage: 200 baht (SGD 8) per massage
Food: 250-390 baht (SGD 10-16) per person for each meal
4 island tour: 400 baht (SGD 16) per pax
Airport transfer (round-trip): 1400 baht (SGD 60) for 2pax

To Krabi, With Love

I’m back from my Krabi trip and completely refreshed and happy ^^ It was such a great break away from work – holidays are the best motivation to keep me going at work. It was our first “real” holiday together, and our first ever beach getaway. Full of anticipation, and yet also a tinge of apprehension. I needn’t have feared though :) It turned out to be perfect. I guess after nearly three years, we’re finally getting the hang of travelling together.

Thanks love, for the wonderful memories