just before school started, my family went to malacca! it’s an absolute foodie place. you cannot possibly imagine how much i ate in the span of…about 2 days. okay, just to give you an idea, in ONE DAY, i ate 2 breakfasts + 2 lunches + 2 dinners = 6 meals. in one day. omgosh. i totally felt like a pig :( it was absolutely horrific. all thanks to mummy who dragged us around to eat all the food. but yeah, admittedly, the food was GREAT. worth it i guess. once in awhile… :P
whenever we go to malacca, there are a few food places which we keep going back to again and again. one of which is Bei Zhan Restaurant. i practically don’t have to look at the menu when i go there cos i already know exactly what i want to order :D this time when we went there, they were having a promotion – RM100 for 5 dishes and 1 dessert (for 6 pax) from a selected menu and includes tea and white rice. how awesome is that!!! :O it means less than S$10 for each person! :O and the food is damn awesome xD

first up was the deep fried prawns in salad sauce. each piece of prawn was crisp and lovingly covered in a generous amount of salad sauce . i simply ADORE that concoction of salad sauce. it’s just the right amount of creaminess and flavour – absolutely delicious.
the stewed vegetable in broth was a really homely, food-for-the-soul kind of dish. the broth felt so healthy! it was just a little bland for my taste, but it just made it feel all the more healthier.
probably what i liked most about the ‘gong-bao’ style boneless chicken was the cashew nuts? haha yeah i’m nuts :P this is not one of the normal dishes which we usually order, i felt that it was pretty average.
the ginger and spring onion fish fillet was a very fragrant dish! :D another example of how i only love fish FILLET that is not fishy haha. i really liked the taste of this fish! (:
ahahaha and i’m so excited about this dish. this, together with the salad prawns, are my ABSOLUTE MUST-TRIES for bei zhan restaurant. steamed beancurd in aromatic oil. ohmyyyyyyyyyyy :D this dish is a blend of simplicity in the smooth beancurd and a superb kick from the fragrant fried hae bee (shrimps). ooh super duper yummy! :D
and the dessert was sooo cute pls! :D we chose the lotus seed paste buns and they came in the form of mini porcupines!!!! *squeals!!* haha super cute. and they were quite yummy too! they came piping hot and very soft and fluffy, with a fairly nice amount of lotus seed paste inside.
Bei Zhan Restaurant
43 Jalan Kota Laksamana 2/17
Malacca, Malaysia
Tel.: +606-2812684
Lunch 11am – 2pm
Dinner 6pm – 10pm
other must-eats in malacca. the tutu kueh. their tutu kueh is SUPERSIZED. seriously hahaha! i dunno if you can tell the size from the picture, but trust me, they’re HUGE. just one is about enough to fill you up. two is just niceeee. and unlike the singapore version, it’s filled with gula melaka rather than peanut/coconut. a different experience! (: and the filling is a really generous amount (:
and malaysia’s chicken rice balls! :D i have to say that the quality has fallen quite a bit. this time when i ate them, i felt that they were pretty overrated :/ kinda disappointed actually :( cos the rice balls were smaller than usual and the chicken was super tough. but the flavour of the rice balls and chili were still really awesome (:
haha this is a random photo. we dont usually buy tarts while in malacca, but we just bought them for fun, and i thought the colours are really pretty so here’s a pic! :P lols.