How do i love London? Let me count the ways…Part IV

hello! (: i’m back with another post on food ^^ hehe. can’t seem to get myself away from it aye :P actually this post shouldn’t really be classified under my london posts since i didn’t eat any of these in london. but then they’re all over UK, and definitely you have got to try them when you’re in london! (: i just absolutely love how UK is so health-friendly, and has such great options for on-the-go lunches when you don’t have the time to prepare your own! they’re so affordable as well! at least in relative terms, which makes it even more attractive (:

Pret-a-Manger can be found everywhere in uk, and it’s the go-to place for quick meals that are oh-soooo-yummy!!!!! i really really love how uk has healthy fast food ;) this is totally grab & go! so convenient, but makes me super happy eating it ;) they have a selection of salads, wraps and all, which are super balanced with all the veggies, meat and (sometimes) carbs. and they all sound so delicious! healthy food is really tasty here, so there’s no reason at all to be unhealthy ;) and their soups!!!!! made fresh everyday, and they’re so delicious ^^ i tried their tomato soup and it was chock full of ingredients and beautifully flavoured with fresh tomatoes. SO good :D

another thing i like about Boots? it carries the Jamie Oliver range of healthy lunches!! :D very interesting variety of salads, wraps and sandwiches. i’m always spoilt for choice! and i especially like how he has these meal plan options, where you can get a salad, drink and snack for a mere £3.45 (if i rmb correctly)!!!! super duper affordable, and it gives you a very complete meal (: i looooove rumblers!!! it’s this granola yogurt which is so yummy! this set super worth it because rumblers is about half this price on its own already.

and marks & spencer has something similar too! ^^ LOVE the M&S here. it’s so much better than the one in singapore!!!! their stores are huge and they sell everything under the sun ^^ i could spend hours in their grocery store, seriously. haha. and their household stuff are so nice too!!! if only it wasn’t so ex :P i think the groceries are still quiteeee reasonable though (: anyway, they’re always having all sorts of promotions, like they have this dinner meal-plan thing, where you can get a three-course meal for two people for a fixed price which is v worth it too! 

i just love how there are so many options for me to choose from when i need to grab lunch. so convenient, so healthy and absolutely tasty ^^

and yay, i’m finally done with my london posts :)))