(first) Vday in Singapore (:

hello! (: finally midterms are over!! for now at least. still have one coming up next week yikes >.< which i haven't studied for at all. but just taking a breather now before having to chiong during the break week. sometimes i wonder why i still feel so busy despite only having three mods!! WHY??!! okay i've got to admit that i am significantly freer in terms of schoolwork as compared to other semesters, but maybe it's also because i'm trying to do other things outside of school, which do take up time as well. yknow, even watching shows is in my plan :p haha i am FINALLY almost reaching the end of the 1st season of Suits since starting on it like three months ago. whuuuut. ikr :( i’m just hopeless at it. but i really love the show btw!! hehh okay so i have the tendency to waffle around the main point when i’m writing my blog posts :P oops! (*sigh* reminds me of how i completely neglected to write a conclusion for my coy law paper yesterday. KILL ME. going to do so badly for that paper >.<)
***WARNING: rambling post with lots of pictures ahead***
anyway because of all my midterms, that explains this very belated Vday post. this year was the first time we were spending Valentine’s Day in Singapore :) last year’s was in Italy, and boy, that was quite a different experience :P loved this year’s Valentines Day :’) not because of all the activities we did that day (and honestly, i always feel Valentine’s Day is probably the most un-special day for any couple because everybody is celebrating it on that day), but because of the quality time we spent together :)) haven’t had the luxury of time to just enjoy each other’s company for the longest time! although it was really just right before the midterm week, but i guess the fact that we made the effort to put our school work aside and just go out without our laptops was really a huge step! (: 
hello Sentosa!!! 
it was super sunny that day, but I’m so glad that we were going somewhere sheltered instead hehe.
we went to the SEA Aquarium!!!!! :D so happy that i finally visited this place, and great that there were no queues! although it was still pretty crowded inside with tonnes of tourists. 
managed to get student price ($28)! (Y) 
pretty difficult to get a decent photo of us because the lighting was so blueee. but lots of love anyway xx
i was WOW-ed by this magnificent sight when i stepped into this area :)) this photo doesn’t do justice to how blue the water was, and how colourful all the corals and fishes are! i’m not a big fan of fish (whether as animals or food haha) but this sight really amazed me :) the colours were so vibrant and alive! 
and i never knew WHY everyone who came to the SEA Aquarium had to take photos of the jellyfish!! haha but finally understood when i was there :P they’re really cute!! and the colours were fascinating. though i know it’s really because of the light that shines into the water, but it’s still pretty darn amazing and beautiful. 
hee, Sam still remembered what the guy from Italy told him ;) about how they always give chocolate and flowers to girls on valentine’s day ^^ (i told sam to skip the vday flowers because they’re just ridiculously expensive!!!!! he pampers me with flowers all the time on the other 364 days of the year anyway :) <3). got a mini bottle of Merlot as well (love these tiny bottles! they're so adorable and handy), and we just sat in front of this huge aquarium talking, laughing and…spamming instagram with photos hahaha. felt like we hadn't talked like that in ages! or at least, i did :P (i was completely exhausted from talking by the end of that day haha). when i'm on a roll, i can go on talking forever, and the boy just listened, and hugged me and laughed with me :) and of course he talked as well haha, but it's really sweet how he's becoming a much better listener :*) 
after that, we headed for a really late dinner at L’entrecôte! they were super crowded on Valentine’s Day and i think it was pretty obvious that their staff weren’t used to such a huge volume of customers.  we reached at 8.30pm and i think by the time our main dish arrived, it was already past 9pm. but the staff were still very attentive when we called for service, and they gave all the ladies a gorgeous rose, which was really nice of them! :) 
so L’entrecôte is famous for the one-and-only (literally) main course, which is their Plat du Jour Entrecôte Steak ($29.90, classic portion).
thank goodness for the walnut steak that was served first, because we were ravenous at 8.30pm. this was a very light salad with yummy toasted walnuts on top! my only gripe is that there was no sauce at all! so it was rather bland/bitter. it helped tide over our hunger just a bit though.
till our main dish came! :D :D yummmmmm. it smelled so good. the portion of the steak was just right (especially with all the fries) and was slathered with L’entrecôte’s “legendary sauce” which was really tasty! i can’t really pinpoint what was in it (some secret ingredient haha) but it tasted like a combination of brown sauce/mushroom/mustard. savoury and slightly tangy, which went perfectly with the slab of meat. the fries were delicious too!! i probably looked really unglamorous but i was shovelling them into my mouth because i was so hungry. the fries were really crisp and VERY tasty. and for those who really love it so much, you’ll be happy to know that it’s free-flow! after one round of fries we couldn’t eat anymore already though. haha.
we also ordered the half-baked chocolate cake ($14) which was pretty yummy! (: it was fluffy and delicate, and went perfectly with the vanilla ice-cream. *i’ve gotta add a disclaimer that my opinion is now biased because of the molten chocolate cake i ate the very next day at morganfields (which i will definitely blog about because it was SUPER GOOD). the one at l’entrecôte was not too shabby, but not the best either! 
Suntec City #B1-128/129
Tel.: +65 6690 7569
Daily 11.30am-9.30pm
thanks baby, for the wonderful valentine’s day together :) i love you!! 

My "last" "10 days to play"

hi!!! omgosh i’m drowning in blog posts to do #canyoubelieveit. haha even with the holidays here i’m still struggling to finish up my posts from months ago! and i’m flying off for my holiday early tomorrow morning!! rushing rushing this post like CRAZY. haha. anyway, why the strange title? well I’m really amazed at how this even happened, but for 3 out of 4 years of winter breaks in SMU that i had (other than last year when i didn’t travel because i was interning), i always had exactly 10 days between my last exam and the date that i flew overseas. how coincidental is that?! i have no idea why either. haha anyway looking back at 2010 and 2011, gosh, that just seems crazy long ago. i still can’t believe i’m gonna graduate in half a year :'( 
ended off our last day of exams on a HIGH note with free flow alcohol and a scrumptious buffet at Intercontinental Hotel’s Olive Tree restaurant! thanks to the gourmet club x wine appreciation club deal, i only paid $30 for it :O how awesome is that!!! #TGIO (thank god it’s over). so glad i ended with start as my last exam, because it was obviously the most promising out of the four exams i took. the other three were just bleah >.< let's not mention it. i dread to think of the results that are going to be released next week (i think?). shall just enjoy my holiday and check it when i'm back. yikes! always hate that dreaded feeling. 
anyway i went all ballistic when i saw the dessert buffet line!!! (idk whether that’s the right word to use haha but basically i was on a crazy sugar high even before touching any of it). all the food looked so good!!!!! and plus it was a christmas buffet, so there were festive touches to it (like a log cake!) which made things even more exciting ^^
some of the items in the buffet! 
happy boy attacking the seafood first as usual ;)
we were actually stuffed by the time we finished with the appetisers and mains. but guess what, i took a walk and came back with not one, but TWO plates of dessert for us to share! KEKEKE :P the look on Sam’s face when he saw the amount of food i brought back was epic :P lol!! i made him share them with me hehe. so yummy! how could we have missed out on this eh? ;) had an awesome time trying the different kinds of wine too, and they were all so good! 
i dyed my hair!! :) i guess those of you who saw my instagram already know this. so in love with this lighter shade, and i’ll be blogging about my experience at _kimrobinson real soon! 
after my hair session, i went to the CHANEL’s The Little Black Jacket exhibition at the ArtScience Museum at MBS with SK! (: it was such an inspirational exhibition!! I’m really out of things, but I’ve gotta admit that i didn’t even know this exhibition was in singapore till SK told me about it. thanks for inviting me along babe!! :) it was pretty amazing to see how the jacket was SO versatile, it could be worn with anything – like over a T-shirt and jeans combo for a casual look, to being part of a ball gown :O some photos were really quite funny, the way they styled the jacket. they practically ripped it up!! O.o but super cool.
just look at this little darling!! :’) isn’t she soooo adorable?!
hey handsome ;)
we were trying to take artistic shots :P haha.
kiera knightly looked absolutely stunning in this!! (which reminds me, my poster is still with sam! hahaha). it was really nice of the people at the exhibition to give out free posters of some of the photographs! how cool is that! oh the exhibition is free too btw! it’ll be here till 1 Jan 2014 (:
oh and there was this really cute activity corner outside the exhibition hall where we could design our own christmas cards! so interesting ^^ thanks SK for the photos! (: 
sorry this post is getting really long, but cos i don’t really have time to blog again till i get back >.< so i'm kinda just spamming everything! 
went for a christmas walk with Sam down Orchard Road the day before he left for China! <3 miss you darling! it was such a nice simple date ^^ plus the fact that i was down with some sort of fever/indigestion (i dunno what), and i just practically didn't feel like eating the whole day. so instead of the foodie date that we'd planned (sigh…we have no fate with song fa bak kut teh D:), ended up just strolling around the orchard area admiring the christmas lights and watching hunger games! OMG that show literally had me jumping in my seat quite a few times cos of shock haha. and we took a picture with my favvvv christmas tree in orchard road ^^
another day, we checked out the Public Garden Flea at TripleOne Somerset! i’ve been seeing a lot of pictures of their flea and i’ve been wanting to check it out! also saw that nakedglory would be there and i’ve been wanting to take a look at their watches since forever! i’ve not worn a watch for nearly 10 years (can you believe it…) but thanks to Sam, i’ve started to get a bit more interested in it ;) and there’s no harm getting a new arm candy, right? ;) hehe. so happy that he came along with me to the flea, and actually enjoyed it too! (especially after i bought the watch i think :p haha) so yep, i’ve got my first watch in 10 years. and i really like it! it has such a pretty maroon-coloured face that i love! and greedy me (as usual. i wasn’t suffering from indigestion then) went around trying food and came across these really adorable and DELICIOUS jams from Gan Soon Hock Conserves! this pumpkin-flavoured was super interesting, and at $4 for a small bottle, really affordable!!! so i decided to buy one to try. new salad dressing, yippee! ^^
okay i shall just stop here and leave my housewarming party for another post. thanks for reading all the way to end! :D and bye-bye while i fly to aussieeeeeee ^^ 
*i will be scheduling posts anyway, so you’ll be entertained during the week i’m gone! ;) hehe <3

SKIRT, W Singapore Sentosa Cove

i wanted to visit W Singapore since it opened, and i was glad to find an excuse to go there on my birthday (months ago) hehe. it is so beautiful!!!!! and the service is amazing (: i’m definitely gonna come back here to have a staycation (dreaming…:D) if i have the chance.
such a gorgeous view right!!! wish i can dive into that pool right now hehe. 
spent quite awhile camwhoring around the hotel because it was just so pretty. can totally imagine myself chilling right here hehe.
this is the famous Woobar, which looks damn comfy??!!! look at those plush sofas! and i think they serve high tea in really cute birdcage-like things ^^ i’m seriously 发花痴 now hee!
anyway, so now to the main point of why we were at W Singapore…..to have dinner at Skirt!! :) so excited! :D i’d been wanting to have some good steak, and i read about how W Singapore has steaks that are pretty reasonably priced (: they have a really wide range in fact. from $35 all the way to $100+. not “affordable”, as some blogs described it to be. but they do have quite a number in the $40-$50 range, which i suppose is still alright (: 
simply loved how classy this restaurant feels ^^
we started off on a high note with this complimentary serving of warm, fluffy bread ^^ it was really nice and soft and i would have kept taking more, if only i didn’t have to save my stomach for the main courses haha :P oh btw they don’t serve tap water here, so i think one bottle of san pellegrino is $10. haha kinda exorbitant if you ask me.
if you order the steaks, you will be served these two bottles before your main course ^^ the clear bottle is apple bourbon, which helps to cleanse your palate, while the other is bbq sauce to go with your meat (: 
we also had three different kinds of salt to choose from. so cool!! although i can’t remember what the different salts were :P there was a rosemary one, another that was spicy and i can’t rmb the last one. honestly, i couldnt realllly taste the difference between them haha (except the spicy one), but they definitely added flavour to the meat when necessary! (:
to start with, we ordered an appetizer, king prawns split and peppered ($25). it was sooo good! huge, fat, juicy prawns with springy fresh meat that tasted so succulent! (: it was a little hard peeling the meat from the shells (hmm haha actually means that it’s not so fresh, no? :P but it tasted alright!), but we enjoyed them thoroughly anyway ;)
haha sorry for the really dark photos!!! >.< makes the steaks look sorta strange huh :/ but the blackness of the steak is actually because they are all dry-aged steaks! :) felt really lucky to be able to speak to one of the waiters after our meal, and he described the aging process to us. it actually results in a very different flavour when the steak is grilled, compared to non dry-aged steaks, and for these steaks, even if you order it rare, it'll be red, but not bloody :) definitely good for squeamish people haha.
we ordered two steaks – this was the Skirt steak ($55) which is a blackmore australian full blood 9+ wagyu. it had a delicious flavour and barely required additional seasoning from the salt/bbq sauce. i still feel that such a high grade wagyu would actually taste better lightly seared (like when i ate it in hokkaido years ago…omg that was of an unmatchable standard!) rather than grilled this way. 
we also ordered the donald russell irish grass fed Hereford 21 days dry aged tenderloin ($44). true to its name, this was more tender than the skirt steak, however, i felt that the flavour was lacking instead! but with the salt/sauces it tasted delicious (: 
totally had a steak feast that day, rounding it off with the SKIRT Blackmore Wagyu burger ($30)! this was a delicious burger patty, that was succulent and very well executed! i actually liked this the most haha. the burger bun was really tough though!
i don’t know why, but for me the stars of the meal were actually the sides :p hahaha. i totally gushed over the sauteed portobello mushrooms ($12), which were huge, seasoned to perfection and so super duper juicy and flavourful!!! you’ve got to try it to understand what i mean. they were so good!!!
we also super loved the asparagus, quail egg and burnt butter ($12). i believe it was thanks to the butter, that this dish was so beautifully aromatic. it was absolutely irresistible! ^^
overall, i’m not sure whether my amazing experiences in florence, italy clouded my experience, but i felt that the steaks i’d tried were not as fantastic as i’d heard. perhaps it was because we had gone for the lower-tier steaks in this restaurant, i felt there was definitely room for improvement. nevertheless, i loved the whole ambience there, the sides and all the little things that added to the whole experience (: and W Singapore, i will be back ;)
W Singapore 
21 Ocean Way, Sentosa Cove
Tel.: +65 6808 7278
Daily 6.30pm-11.30pm

My favourite place :))

hi!!! my presentations are all overrr :D so happy! i’ve been waiting for this day for the entire semester x.x this is one sem that i absolutely can’t wait for to be over, and i’m seeing the end, finally! counting down to all the mini-milestones to keep myself sane, and i’m gonna have a yummy lunch after class to celebrate later ^^ and i’m super stoked to be blogging about my stay at MBS! (: i guess if you’ve been reading for awhile, you’d have known that the marina bay area is my absolute favourite place in sg ^^ my happy place~ i just love the openness of the place :’) one of the rate places in singapore where you can get wide open spaces. it’s been one of my dreams to be able to stay at MBS since it opened, and i’m really glad that i had the opportunity to have a staycation here. it was everything that i imagined, and more (:
 this was the gorgeous view from our hotel room on the 19th floor (if i rmb correctly) and it was absolutely breathtaking! waking up to this view was such an amazing experience! you can see the entire gardens by the bay and the kallang reservoir and the expanse of space is just W.O.W.
the night view is pretty darn gorgeous too ^^ especially with those lighted supertrees. i love how they stood out against the skyline (: definitely one of the most unique sights you can get! 
our spacious room with huge double beds, and spot that recliner at the side next to the balcony door! the most comfortable chair EVER. i kid you not. the moment i sat in it, i didn’t want to get up! :p haha. lounged on it while enjoying my self-prepared breakfast and enjoyed the beautiful view outside. that was the life ;) haha. perfect way to spend one day out of my mid-term week hehe.
and MBS has the biggest and most pretty toilet ever!! i thought the one at The Sentosa was really nice already, but this just takes bathrooms to a whole new level. look at that bathtub!! wished i had more time to soak in a bubble bath (with some rose petals and champagne maybe? :p) but i didn’t. haha having it there was good enough already though ;)
aaaaand of course, the star attraction :D the infinity pool! this is undeniably my favourite spot in the hotel, hence the mini photo spam :p i came here twice, first at night and also the next morning (haha my shoulders were aching like crazy after the two swims within 12 hrs). everytime i’m up there, im just lost for words :’) the skyline of the CBD is just SO AMAZING.
photo evidence :’)
wish i had a wide-angled lens to capture the full view. this photo does not do it justice at all! i loved how the pool was so huge, that even though it was pretty crowded (boo :/) but there was still sufficient space for me to swim. and boy, the pool is really big! haha it was a great exercise. and i could spend forever admiring this view :) so spectacular!!! i honestly think singapore has one of the most magnificent skylines ever. so far the only one which i think can beat this is new york’s skyline.
if your room is on the opposite side of the hotel, this is the view you get! (: while mine faced the back, so i had a view of the gardens :) both equally impressive, i think it’s pretty impossible to choose between them! the gym here looks awesome as well, though i didn’t get to try it because i didn’t have my sports shoes :( but just imagine running on a treadmill (once again) with the gorgeous skyline. i’m pretty sure that would keep you motivated throughout your run ;) 
so yup, that was all for my stay! absolutely LOVED IT. and i also had another staycation at The Sentosa recently! haha for the record, i don’t make a habit of this :P these two stays were just by a chance of luck ^^ 

An unexpected staycation ^^

hi!! i can’t believe i didn’t post this earlier. it has been sitting in my drafts for weeks!

time has been flying by and it’s the middle of the semester already! or rather, time has been passing quickly, but it has been feeling really draggy of late. maybe it’s the “final year syndrome” where i’m simply just drifting away from studying, or because i’m taking THREE (i don’t know why i torture myself this way) pretty tough accounting mods this semester. anyway, it was by a really lucky chance that i had a break from all of this. our family escaped to sentosa over a weekend due to a twist of fate ;) am i glad that my week ends on thursday! i was never more happy to celebrate that when i heard we were booked into a hotel from thursday night onwards! (:

we stayed at The Sentosa Resort, which is a gorgeous resort hotel set amidst lush greenery.

we were completely awed the moment we stepped into our hotel room. this probably isn’t a great pictorial representation of how luxurious it was, but it was a really plush, cozy room, and the bathroom was beyond imagination!

huge, with a bathtub on one side and the shower and toilet on the other. it looked so comfortable, i could totally imagine myself staying in there for hours to pamper myself if i had the luxury of time. it was very well equipped with thick towels and quality toiletries.

i didn’t really try out their shampoo & conditioner because it’s my pet peeve to use hotel toiletries that dry out my hair, but according to mummy, it was really good! all the amenities in the room were replenished on a frequent basis and i really liked their housekeeping services.

the breakfast buffet spread was pretty good, and it was definitely my strongest motivation for dragging myself up early every morning to exercise, even while on a “holiday”. i went ga-ga over the pastries every morning, which was rotated on alternate days so that you do get some variety in your breakfast. one of my favourites was the design-your-own omelette section! you get a fresh omelette fried for you, and you can choose to include toppings such as tomatoes, mushrooms, ham, cheese, etc. the spread is slightly more extensive on sunday mornings as well (along with larger crowds). you can choose to sit indoors to be closer to the buffet spread, or lounge on the terrace with a view of the gorgeous pool.
happy tummies ^^^
now look at this gorgeous landscape. i had the privilege of having this as my view as i sat at the veranda studying for midterms. the facilities in this hotel are top-end, as you can see from this humongous swimming pool. it was an absolute luxury to swim in it – such a great exercise! and it’s a heated pool, which is definitely welcome if you want to have an early morning swim. the gym is situated rather far away, but the reception will promptly get a buggy to ferry you over once you inform them. i didn’t get a picture of the gym, but i was pretty well-equipped, and you get to enjoy a relaxing view of lush forestry as you run on the treadmill.
#cheapthrill :D 
i love how the hotel is so convenient despite the fact that it’s situated in sentosa :)) there are shuttle buses that could bring us out to vivocity every half an hour, and even buses that went all the way to town (paragon)! super service that really makes staying there much more convenient. after all, we still had lives going on outside of sentosa no matter how much we wanted to pretend that we didnt :P
i’ll definitely recommend this as a worthy hotel to stay in at sentosa, for all its amenities and the perfect balance between serenity and accessibility.