I’m really regretting that I didn’t get The Entertainer App this year! This is not an advertisement by the way – I really think that it is pretty awesome considering I eat out quite a bit. It’s a great way to give ideas on places to check out, since the app continuously refreshes its offerings and adds new restaurants to the list every month. Thankful that Scott got the app, and lucky us benefited from it along the way :p We checked out Masons, which is a place that I would not typically have frequented with friends because (1) It’s super out of the way (2) The food was pretty expensive. With the entertainer, it was 1-for-1 though! Which was really awesome. The restaurant gave us quite a bit of problem regarding the usage of the app though, which was rather unfriendly. Not sure whether other patrons experienced the same problems. The good thing was that the food was pretty satisfying, with generous portions that justified the price!

Masons CalamariOkay, I need to clarify that there is an exception to the previous statement – which was in terms of the portion of the snacks. At $16, I felt that the Calamari with Verve Garlic Cream was pretty pricey for a snack, and the portion was measly. It was merely some scraps of squid which looked like it had been thrown together unceremoniously. Perhaps that might sound a tad harsh, but it really wasn’t worth $16. It could be that I wasn’t able to appreciate the “Verve Garlic Cream”, but it was pretty much mayonnaise with a tinge of garlic to me. Disappointing start to the meal, but thankfully the mains made up for it.

We waited quite a long time for our mains, around half an hour maybe? But as the adage goes, good things are worth the wait. So, yay! Patience paid off :)

Masons Seafood NeroI had a tough time deciding what to order. The menu was quite extensive, with delicious-sounding options both from the pasta and pizza categories. The mains too, sounded tempting, with the ribs calling out to me. I settled on the Seafood Nero ($28) eventually, just slightly ousting the Crab Pasta, though I’d really wanted to order the latter as well!! I’m an incurable glutton, really. Before ordering, I checked whether the squid ink pasta would stain my teeth – nope, assured the waiter. Always a plus point to have clean squid ink pasta! The portion was generous, with three huge mussels (some of the biggest I’ve eaten), three huge prawns and lots of squid and some slivers of crab meat as well. Lucky me! The seafood was super fresh and absolutely delicious! What a cholesterol-bomb, but I honestly couldn’t care less at that point in time, as I happily dug into the dish.

Masons Tortellini TruffleThe Tortellini Truffle ($28) is not a dish that I would choose for myself because I am never able to stomach more than 5 mouthfuls of cream sauce. I’m glad that someone ordered it though! Just so that I could get a little mouthful of it. I always find tortellini so fun to eat – like how we aptly put it “It’s like an angmoh wanton”. The mushroom and truffle sauce smelled delectable and was the perfect accompaniment to the tortellini.

Masons Confit of DuckI didn’t manage to try much of the Confit of Duck ($28) pasta, but it looked and sounded delicious, with lean duck shreds, tossed with roasted garlic and livened up with crispy prosciutto.

Masons Bourbon Smoked RibsI managed to try the Bourbon Smoked Ribs ($38) after all! Yippee ^^ This was another dish which we wished could have been bigger. The ribs looked rather small! And I’m not quite in agreement that it looked like a full-rack. Nevertheless, in that size, the ribs packed a punch with their beautiful smokey flavour. Having been smoked for 10hours, the slow-cooked ribs developed an fragrant burnt aroma, that was delightful! The texture could have been better though, as we found the meat to be rather hard.

Masons Enzo PizzaThe last item served was the Enzo ($26) pizza. And boy, it was huge! Definitely order this to share. It could feed up to three people, depending on the size of your appetite. Crispy-crusted pizza, with an asian twist to the toppings. Peking duck flavoured with a yummy hoisin sauce (I think), and topped with Japanese cucumber and spring onions. This is a hot favourite item on Mason’s menu, evident from the numerous photos I’ve seen of this on Instagram. Try it! I liked it quite a bit.

The ambience of the place was really nice as well. Super chill, with a spacious outdoor area which would be perfect if the weather is good. The service left much to be desired though, which soured the experience quite a bit. Come here for the food if you will!

8 Lock Road, Gillman Barracks
Tel.: +65 6694 2216
Mon-Sat 12pm-11pm
Sun 12pm-10pm


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