Paris is always a good idea

i heard so many mixed reviews about paris before going there, and i wasn’t really sure whether i would like it, even though i’ve always been sooo fascinated about anything related to the eiffel tower or french in general ^^ i just think the french have this ability of being so effortlessly chic, which is simply amazing (: and everything french just exudes the luxe factor ;)
and i’m so glad to say that i really liked paris when i was there!!!! :’) i guess it was kind of a blessing that i was there only for one day, which just gave me the feeling of longing when i left the place. going around in a tour bus was kind of a disappointment because we rushed through so many places, but it also meant that we skipped all the dirty sides of paris, which i’d rather not see (haha #livingindenialttm). 
****dream come true!!!!!**** :D 
i feel so lucky that the weather kinda cleared when i wanted to take a photo of the eiffel tower ^^ it was quite gloomy initially -.- it looks so amazing :’) wish i could have seen it at night too! i heard that it sparkles *.* 
we took the lift up to the second level! to have a view of paris (: haha tbh it wasn’t fantastic :p paris is in a really boring colour! all white! i think the feeling that i was on the eiffel tower was the most exciting part :p lol.
sleepy faces in the morning because we had to wake up at 4.30am to catch the eurostar from london xP faints….haha but on a side note, the eurostar trains are AWESOME-ly comfy.
we took a cruise on the River Seine! (: so many places i wish i could have visited on the way, such as the Notre Dame! but of course we didn’t have the luxury of time.
super duper excited when i saw the louvre!!!!! :D or rather, when i saw this glass pyramid haha. i’ve seen so many wedding photos taken in front of this thing, which are soooo absolutely gorgeous :D :D but i really wondered how they ever manage to clear the crowds to take their photos?? there were so many people there! maybe have to cordon off the whole area or something haha. the mona lisa was super lame though :p we really went all the way in just to instagram a photo of it and say ‘we were there’ :P haha and there were so many people inside the louvre, we didn’t bother to explore the rest of it.
because the exterior of the louvre was so much more enticing!!!! :’) just looking at this garden and i wished i could have spent a whole afternoon just walking in there and enjoying the sun :)) i have no idea what garden this is, but i really want to visit Versailles and Montmarte the next time i come to paris!!!!! 
and probably my happiest time in paris was walking along the river seine to pont des arts ^^ we spotted the bridge while we were on the cruise in the morning and totally squealed!!! :P omgggg i’m so glad i finally saw this :’) beautiful love locks bridge :))))) i was there!!!! i can’t believe it!!!! i just relished in the feeling of walking along the river, wind in my hair, breathing in the parisian air :’) i could do this over and over again :))
and this song totally came to my mind while i was walking along the river seine :)