Trinket Cove

Accessories can change the entire appearance of an outfit – such as dressing up a simple top to give it a classier look. I was excited when Zhi Xin asked me to do a review for Trinket Cove after hearing more about the concept behind her jewellery. There are many accessory stores out there, quite a number of which I’m familiar with. Mostly sell statement jewellery, which is great, but Trinket Cove stands out with its timeless pieces. Rather than targeting the masses, and keeping up with the latest trends that tend towards the bold and bodacious, Trinket Cove’s jewellery is more understated, which makes it very versatile and classic.
There is a selection of pieces on the webstore, but for ladies who want a special piece for themselves, you would be glad to know that Trinket Cove does customisations for clients as well. 
Zhi Xin was really kind to customise a beautiful necklace for me! (:
I actually didn’t have much of an idea of what exactly I was looking for when Zhi Xin asked me what jewellery I would like to customise. But she helped me along with questions to find out my preferences, e.g. the occasion I wanted to wear it for, whether I preferred gold/silver, whether I was looking for a necklace/earrings/bracelet. I don’t have any nice long necklaces, and thus I opted for that. Based on my rather vague description, where I drew inspiration from her existing necklace designs on the website, Zhi Xin gave me some suggestions on what could suit my fancy. She then drew out a couple of designs for me to choose from and we then went on to the details such as the length and gems I wanted to use. It was a really exciting process looking through her little trinkets and choosing the combination for the charm necklace I wanted ^^ She was really patient with the changes that I requested for, and helped me to come up with a design that I was satisfied with.
Here’s a close up of the charm necklace! :)) Love how pretty each of the trinkets are. 
She sent the necklace to me in a really cute package! (: And it was all safely wrapped up inside.
Picture of the full necklace and close up photo of me wearing it! (: 
What I appreciate about Trinket Cove’s jewellery is the quality of the materials used – they’re tarnish-resistance – and semi-precious stones such as crystals and pearls. I also really enjoyed the whole customisation process – an experience that is quite new to me! Trinket Cove designs bridal pieces as well, so if you’re looking for elegant, customised pieces that reflect your personality for your big day, do speak to Zhi Xin to find out more about this service. Each piece is lovingly handmade, and Trinket Cove can help you make your dream wedding jewellery a reality. Prices for customisation start from $25, and vary based on the materials used.
Do check out their Facebook & Instagram for more updates!
Trinket Cove

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