Successful Surprise & Shaw Premiere

Sam & I always have the tendency to jinx each other’s surprises. I love surprises, but Sam doesn’t. He used to try to surprise me, but I think he has since given up after several occasions where I unintentionally busted his surprises for me. And (maybe in retaliation :p) he has made it quite difficult for me to surprise him, since he doesn’t really like uncertainty. This year, I’m proud to say that I finally managed to surprise him for his birthday!!! xD and I was so glad that I managed to find something that was such a hit with him ;)

Shaw Premiere Lounge

Shaw Premiere LoungeSay hello to the Shaw Premiere lounge ;) To be very honest, I never knew Shaw had their version of GV Gold Class/Cathay Platinum Movie Suites till recently, and I’m glad that someone recommended it to me! Only available at Shaw Nex, the cinema seats a cosy 48pax (if I remember correctly), to ensure exclusivity for its customers. The ticket price ranges from $20 (off-peak 2D movie) to $30 (peak 3D movie) and includes a $5 F&B voucher, which makes it very worth it! Patrons get access to the lounge, where they can order a meal or simply relax before their movie starts.

Because Sam & I detest how crowded Nex is, we went to the lounge super early to escape the throng of people. And we had the pleasure of being the only guests there at that time. I had to think of some crappy idea to lure him to Nex, and thankfully he believed me :p The look of surprise on his face when I presented the tickets to him was priceless <3

No, the cinema doesn’t provide roses. Haha. That was from Sam (: Since we were celebrating our 40th monthsary that day too ^^ The food menu is pretty comprehensive, from light bites to pastas and drinks. I suppose it would be quite difficult to attempt to slurp pasta while in the dark cinema, so we opted for nachos ($11) and popcorn ($6.50) instead xD The service staff were impeccable, from the moment they led us to our seats to the stealthiness they exhibited when moving around to serve our food.

This was the only photograph I managed to take of the interior because it was so dark inside. Here, you get popcorn served in a glass bowl instead of a paper box ;) I wish I could have taken a photo of the seats because they were AMAZING. Once I sat down in it, I didn’t feel like getting up. And you know, I don’t like sitting. But those chairs :O They reclined all the way back, I felt like I was practically lying on a bed. Although we were seated at the third row from the front (which is usually too close to the screen, which Sam is very particular about), it was surprisingly comfortable, thank goodness! And they had a blanket, which was awesome because it was so cold inside. I felt so snuggly all curled up under the blanket, I could have fallen asleep if the movie was bad. HAHA. The movie we watched was great though – you should definitely catch The Martian if you haven’t!!

Super happy (& slightly sleepy) after our movie. Hehe <3

Champagne and drinks the next day (: Happy Birthday my love! To many many more years of birthdays together_.x


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