May May

I’ve been seeing pictures of May May’s delicious rice bowls on social media since its launch and wished I had the chance to visit and try them out. Unfortunately, I don’t work in town. Which meant that I never really had the time to venture there during the lunch hour. We went there recently as part of Sam’s birthday celebration though! ^^ And I’m so glad that we finally made it there!

The menu is concise, yet everything sounds delicious and I was hard pressed to decide what to order. We decided on the Butter Poached Cod ($18) and Red Chilli Chicken ($16) after hearing rave reviews about both. It was quite a good contrast to order these two and we enjoyed them!

May May Butter Poached CodI really liked the former for the simple, feel-good factor it gave. The fish was plump and tasty, and was well-balanced with wakame and wasabi sprouts. Pickled lotus root added a crunch to elevate the texture and flavour of the dish. A soft centered egg topped it off. The egg was cooked to the right doneness, but I felt that it was a tad bland.

May May Red Chilli ChickenInitially I heard that the Red Chilli Chicken was deep fried and wasn’t very keen on it. Thankfully it turned out not as deep-fried as I’d imagined it to be! Delightfully crisp and paired with kickass dried chilli bits, this was absolutely yummy! Caramelised onions gave the dish a little sweetness and crunch, and it had grilled mushrooms and oven roasted tomatoes that were present in all the rice bowls. Generally similar, yet with distinctly different flavours, I can’t wait to try more of these lunch bowls!

May May Liu Sha Custard DonutsWe also ordered the Liu Sha Custard Donut ($7) to end off the meal with. This didn’t impress though, as we felt the combination of liu sha and donuts did not really go well together. Perhaps it’s because I’m not a fan of sugary donuts, hence I wasn’t quite a fan of this. But it would have been better if the liu sha flowed, at least.

Besides the satisfying rice bowls, the lovely ambience made our dining experience very pleasant, and it’s a place that I would love to make a second visit to.

May May
65 Tras Street
Tel.: +65 6221 4698
Mon-Sat 11.30am-3pm, 6pm-11pm


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