Nami Island

If you saw one of my previous posts on the Best Autumn Views in Seoul, you would know that Nami Island was one of my favourites for the variety of autumn foliage there. It’s not an easy journey getting to this island because it’s located quite far out from the city, but I daresay it’s worth your effort.

img_1992_zpsts97buubJust look at how incredibly gorgeous this is!! This is pretty much right at the entrance that greets you when you arrive at the island by boat.

img_2149_zpsvsdrtkmmThese are some of the other views you could enjoy, and this is just 1/4 of the whole island perhaps? There was also a whole bunch of trees with the most beautiful bright yellow leaves on the ground that everyone was just rolling around in and taking photos. It was a spectacular experience (and quite a sight to behold, I must say).

So, how do you make your way here to explore this beautiful place? It’s pretty complicated, I have to say. But just follow the instructions and you will get there! The key is really to set off early in the morning, and plan your journey. Besides Nami Island, there are also two other places in the same area that you can visit – Petite France (which is about half an hour’s drive from Nami) and Garden of Morning Calm (1hr 15mins from Nami), and they seem quite nice too! But you really have to plan your time carefully as you will be restricted to the transport timings, assuming that you don’t self-drive. We wanted to visit the other two places, but ended up having to give them a miss because it was past 2pm by the time we reached Nami!

Follow these steps and take note of the time tables, and I do hope that you’ll have better luck than me in checking out more of the places and having enough time to explore! (:

1. Take the metro to Yongsan Station.

2. From Yongsan Station, take the ITX-Cheongchun train to Gapyeong Station. The journey takes about 1 hour and there are specific timings for the ITX. Hence, it’s better to check online to plan your journey and ensure that you do not waste too much time waiting.

3. Upon reaching Gapyeong, you can take the Circle Tour Bus to the Nami Island Station (15mins journey time). The bus fare costs 1,250 KRW per person and you can refer to the next two photos for more information and the schedule. If you see in the 2nd picture, you will notice that this same bus also takes you to Petite France and Garden of Morning Calm, and it is a round-trip that goes back to Gapyeong station. So do remember not to lose your bus ticket!

4. Upon reaching the Nami Island station, nope you’re not at the island yet. At this point, you are actually at the Gapeyong Wharf and there are two methods to get to Nami Island – 1) squeeze with the crowds on a ferry, or 2) get the wind in your hair and zoom over to the island via a thrilling zipline ride. The ferry ride costs 8,000 KRW, while the zipline costs 38,000 KRW and both include admission to the island and a ferry ride back.

Yes, the zipline does sound a lot more expensive, but we felt that the experience was worth a try! You should note also that while the zipline journey only take 2mins (or less!) there are very specific timings which are at half an hour intervals, so it’s better to go early to check. The ferry takes about 5mins, and there are quite regular timings for this.

Also, if you are feeling peckish, it’s a good idea to grab a bite at the wharf before heading over to Nami Island as there is quite a good selection of restaurants on this side, while there are pretty limited options on the island.

That’s how high the zipline is! I felt that it wasn’t that scary though! It was wayyyyy more FUN than anything else, and it was over in a jiffy.

There is a gentler, Family route, which brings you directly to Nami Island. Whereas the Adventure route is slightly faster and more exciting (but also shorter), which brings you to a smaller island and you have to wait for another ferry to bring you to Nami. I have to say that it’s quite an indirect journey to get there, but we made the most of it by spending hours there ^^

5. To get back from Nami Island, you can take the ferry back to Gapyeong Wharf, and check out the bus timings below to get a sense of what time you’ll reach back. Also, the next photo shows the ITX timings back to Yongsan, which is a good idea to take note of as well!

Hope this guide was helpful to you! Enjoy your time and Nami Island, and let me know whether Petit France and Garden of Morning Calm are worth a visit as well!


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