Seoul’s Street Food

While taking a stroll along the streets of Seoul, it is impossible to make a beeline for your intended destination without being distracted by the tantalising aromas from the street food along the roadside. From Myeongdong to Ewha/Hongdae, Samcheongdong and even all the way to Nami Island, there are just so many choices when it comes to street food, that there’s no excuse to go hungry while you’re in Seoul.

Here are the 8 types of street food I tried while I was in Seoul! They are pretty common and can be found in most of the areas I mentioned above.

1. Gimbap

img_0166_zps6ts83uhjThe Korean version of our favourite Japanese sushi rolls, the former is much simpler in terms of the ingredients and varieties available, but no less delicious! It seems to be quite a typical breakfast, or on-the-go option. One thing about Seoul is the lack of breakfast options imo, because they usually have breakfast at home before heading out. But we were lucky to have chanced upon this quaint, traditional Korean grocery store/food stall on our way from Anguk station to Changdeokgung and we really enjoyed the authentic Korean breakfast experience!

img_0167_zpsfngawzx8You can find gimbap at many places, but just in case you’re curious, this is the shop that we ate at.

2. Toast

img_1877_zpszsjr9ppoWhat, toast??! I know right, what kind of recommendation is that. We can find it everywhere in Singapore, and you can easily make a sandwich at home, but……let me introduce you to Isaac Toast. You might’ve heard rave reviews about this place and are wondering, what’s the big deal? Well, for one, it’s not easy to make your sandwich this orgassmic-looking, dripping with sauce and oozing with cheese. Plus, they do have some rather interesting ingredients!


img_0312_zpsqwxpgjogAn alternative for toast, with a pretty long queue as well, is Hobong Toast. It can be easily spotted, just across the small street from Hadongkwan. Right after our breakfast #1, the Good Morning Toast called out to us like a temptress. With a thick slice of ham (just the way I like it), an omelette and melty cheese, it made for a satisfying snack. If you don’t like sweetish sauces which was a main feature of a number of Isaac toast’s flavours, you might prefer this one!

3. Potato chips on stick

img_1780_zpsx4zxzpbdSo these look just like regular potato chips…on a stick. BUT they were so good!!! Slightly thicker than potato chips, yet just as crispy, and even more satisfying! Wolf them down while they’re fresh out of the fryer, and you won’t be able to stop at one.

4. Giant Meatball

These meatballs that we spotted along the streets of Myeongdong sure had a fiery kick! Out in the chilly streets, this piping hot snack set fire to our mouth and tongues (we already chose the less spicy version) and warmed our bellies.

5. Chicken Skewers

So chicken and beer are just the best combination ever, whether it’s Korean fried chicken or these chicken skewers that were coated with a delicious saucy glaze.

6. Egg bread

A street snack that is pretty unique to Korea, I heard some rave reviews about this egg bread and I was quite excited to try it for myself! Unfortunately….it was rather overrated to me, because it just seemed too floury, and rather bland. That sausage on the side though, was yumms!

7. Hotteok

In contrast to the egg bread, I couldn’t quite grasp the excitement that surrounded hotteok, which is a sweet crispy pancake that comes with different fillings such as red bean. For one, it’s deep fried, and I kinda have a selective preference for such food (haha like how I love fries, but I try to avoid katsu at all costs. One of my new year resolutions is really to eliminate as much of such deep fried things though, so I shall tryyyy to stick to it). Secondly, it’s floury. But oh gosh, perhaps it was because we were freezing our fingers off in Nami Island and I was in need of something hot while sitting in front of a huge fire, but I just fell in love with this sweet Korean pancake!! It was so hot, fresh out of the oven, yet I couldn’t stop myself from devouring it!

8. Banana milk

Okie, this is a cheat point heh :P Banana milk isn’t really street food, but it’s a must-try in Seoul and I didn’t know where else to slot this in, so. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of this. I don’t really like bananas, so I can’t quite appreciate it. (Yet I like goreng pisang, which is a deep-fried banana snack in Singapore. See the conflict here and what I said previously?) Nonetheless, this seems like a drink that many people enjoy drinking DAILY while they’re in Seoul.

There are so many other options for street food, and one thing that I really wanted to try, yet couldn’t find anywhere was fried cheese! Does anyone know where to find it?? Please let me know! And if there are any other street food must-tries, I would love to hear about them (:


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