Autumn Views in Seoul

We were really lucky to have travelled to Seoul during autumn. I think we managed to catch the peak window for the autumn foliage, and it was GORGEOUS <3 You could literally see gradients of red, pink, orange and yellow painted across the trees, and you can enjoy the sights anywhere, even along the streets. There were some places that I felt the scenery were particularly breathtaking though!

These are my top 5 picks (in no particular order):

1. Nami Island

img_1992_zpsts97buubMany of you who visit Seoul would have probably heard of Nami Island as being the filming location for the Winter Sonata film. I’ve personally never watched it, but I was just blown away by the incredible autumn foliage there. Hands down one of my favourite places! I’ll be doing a separate post on it soon.

2. Namsan Park

img_9963_zps1n8rrateCame here for the bird’s eye view of Seoul city, but I was surprised by the vibrancy of the autumn scenery here. It helped that we had clear blue skies and beautiful weather that day, and we really had a lot of fun there!

img_1913_zpswmrkz76nWe took a one-way cable car up which cost 6,000 KRW (round-trip is 8,500 KRW) because we wanted to try walking down one of the trails to enjoy the scenery. And though it took us quite some time to get down, I really enjoyed the stroll!

img_9951_zpsqrhxzmk8We spent a really long time taking photos at the peak, and also went up the Observation deck at N Seoul Tower. We paid 21,000 KRW for 2 pax including 2 drinks and a gigantic tub of popcorn which we couldn’t finish, which was super value-for-money considering that an individual ticket already cost 10,000 KRW.


img_1893_zpsnwuyznhjTo be honest, I felt that it wasn’t necessary to go up to the Observation Deck though. The view, though not bad, was nothing spectacular, perhaps because it was an entirely enclosed space. I enjoyed the time spent outside basking in the sun and beautiful autumn views much more!

Nearest Metro Station: Myeongdong (exit 3)

3. Secret Garden / Changdeokgung Palace

img_2204_zpsgynszc4tI never thought I’d enjoy visiting palaces while I was in Korea, but it was actually a surprisingly fun educational experience! Changdeokgung Palace is smaller compared to the sprawling grounds of Gyeongbokgung, but it was known to be possibly even more beautiful that the latter, that the kings/princes of the Joseon dynasty retreated to this sanctuary when they needed some peace and quiet in the serene gardens. It’s value is so internationally recognised, that it has even been given the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Secret Garden is only accessible via a guided tour, so do remember to make a reservation it online before you visit. We actually purchased a combination ticket at 10,000 KRW each, that gave us entry into Changdeokgung (including the Secret Garden), Gyeongbokgung and three other palaces and a shrine. Our tour guide shared quite a lot about the history of the palace, which made it quite interesting!

Nearest Metro Station: Anguk (exit 3)

4. Gyeongbokgung Palace

img_2249_zpsxwrmoyhrI have to say that I don’t quite agree with the Joseon kings though…because I preferred Gyeongbokgung a lot more! The palace was majestically huge. You could tell simply by looking at the entrance that it was massive. We didn’t watch the change of guards ceremony which most people try to catch, but instead, spent our time just strolling hand-in-hand through the palace grounds and soaking in the atmosphere.

img_2172_zps1k2kzjmrOne of the reasons why I liked it a lot more than Changdeokgung was because of the spaciousness. Though there were many tourists, it was large enough that everyone was spread out and we had moments of serenity like these, where we were alone and could just enjoy each other’s company without jostling with the crowds.

img_2308_zps58ozb3cvSo peaceful (:

Nearest Metro Station: Gyeongbokgung (exit 5)

5. Seoul Forest

img_1809_zpsd6m0wdreAnd finally, a place that I would have never known of its existence, if not for Sam :) We didn’t have many photos of this place, but it’s one of the most gorgeous parks I’ve ever been to, which is actually a huge plot of land that sprawls across 5 eco-zones. It was where I said ‘Yes’ to our forever, and it will always have a special place in both our hearts (:

Nearest Metro Station: Seoul Forest (exit 3)

I’ve concluded that autumn is my favourite season to travel :)) and I would love to go back to Seoul/Korea during this season again! Please do share with me if you know of any other places that have nice autumn views! I’ll definitely check it out!


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