Processed with VSCO with a6 presetOriginating from Jeju, O’Sulloc can be found in many of the main areas in Seoul, including Myeongdong, Apgujeong and Samcheongdong. Specialising in green tea, it is a heaven for matcha lovers, and is one place that you cannot miss when visiting Seoul. We were hooked from our first visit on day 1, and revisited numerous times during our trip.

Our first visit had us trying the Green Tea O Freddo & Green Tea Cheese Tiramisu set (10,500 KRW). The green tea O freddo was a smoothie with ice cream that blew our minds and taste buds the moment we took the first sip. We loved the robust matcha flavour and slight bitter aftertaste, which helped to balance out the drink so that it wasn’t too sweet or milky. The green tea tiramisu had a nice cream cheese flavour, reminiscent of Japanese cheesecake! It was light, yet creamy, with matcha powder on top and a fluffy sponge cake base. Absolutely delectable!


The next visit, we had the Green Tea Roll Cake (5,000 KRW) with vanilla cream. It was quite similar to the tiramisu, but with slightly heavier cream that went well with the incredibly fluffy swiss roll.

We also had the Houjicha Latte (5,500 KRW for hot) which had a nice smokey flavour. However, we realised that the cold versions (6,000 KRW) are way nicer than the latter! While the hot lattes tasted like regular matcha/houjicha and weren’t significantly different from the norm, the cold drinks had a much deeper aroma that we enjoyed much more.

img_9797_zpsjvkq1jymThere are so many outlets around the city that there’s simply no reason to miss this out! You can check out the list of locations here. Let me know which are your favourite items here!

And for more desserts in Seoul, check out my previous post (:


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