It’s been a year since we last went for Restaurant Week! This bi-annual affair has become so popular that it’s a challenge to secure seats at the coveted top restaurants. We visited Forest in Resorts World Sentosa last year and were exceedingly impressed by the quality of their food, and decided to give another Chinese restaurant a shot this year – Jade at The Fullerton Hotel.

It was fabulous. Beyond expectations, from the ambience to the service and of course, the food. We had no idea what we were in for, since the website provided no indication of the menu. It was so exciting though!

photo2023-10-162062038204420pm201_zpsgi0oruhoWe started our meal with a beautifully-plated appetiser of Honey-glazed Chicken Char Siew, Deep-fried Sugar Cane Prawn, Chilled Cherry Tomato in Preserved Plum Flavour with Tossed Cucumber in Lemon Dressing. The char siew was beautifully done, tender and packed with flavour thanks to the sticky sweet glaze. I loved the prawn for the lightly breaded crust, and the juicy sugar cane was a delight to chew on! The cherry tomato, though seemingly normal, surprised with the intensity of its taste – first a burst of sweetness that gave way to a piquant tartness that was incredibly appetising! Even the cucumber didn’t lose out amidst the other elements, with its intricately-carved appearance and tangy flavour.

photo2023-10-162062054205820pm201_zpsepi8cuwwThis was followed by a Double-boiled Chicken Consommé with Pear, Snow Fungus and Fig. It was sweetly aromatic when served to us, but turned out to be deliciously savoury. A nourishing soup which was evidently chock full of goodness, this warmed us up nicely and prepared our tummies for the main course.

photo2023-10-162072010204420pm201_zpss9jw3mniPerhaps the most interesting dish we had was a twist on a typical hawker BBQ dish. The Oven-Baked Stingray in Sichuan Spice Sauce was generously portioned, and smelled absolutely delicious thanks to the fiery sauce. Thankfully, it was not as spicy as it sounds, but I detected a hint of peppercorn in it, that really brought out the Sichuan-feel without the hair-raising mala heat. Though I’m not quite a fan of stingray, I liked how the crust was baked till crisp, yet retained the tenderness of the meat within.

photo2023-10-162072036202520pm201_zps5nfiqzewAnother interesting dish we had was the Braised La Mian with Stewed Duck in Ginger Flavour served with (guess what!) Escargots Coriander Wanton. Say what??? I had to say that I was rather sceptical, and a little freaked out when I saw the mollusc in the wanton. So, to ease any doubts, I’d say that I was pretty relieved that any taste the escargot had was masked by the coriander and prawn in the wanton. The duck was definitely the highlight of the dish, with its amazing texture that could almost melt in our mouths.

photo2023-10-162082011205620pm201_zps8ap5dzirAnd finally, for our final course – Chilled Roselle Sorbet with Osmanthus Flower Jelly accompanied with Vanilla Bun stuffed with Chocolate Filling. The latter is actually a mochi that is filled with a flow dark chocolate and sprinkled with peanut bits – and it was SO SO GOOD. We couldn’t contain our swooning over it, and relished every mouthful, trying our best to scoop up as much of the chocolate filling as possible. The Roselle Sorbet was a delightful palate-cleanser for the end of the meal, and the Osmanthus flower jelly completed it perfectly.

For a meal that came without expectations, we were charmed at every course that followed and it was definitely worth the extra * in the Restaurant Week collection. Priced at $58++ for dinner, I felt that it was really good value for money for the quality of the ingredients and effort put into the presentation. Service was stellar as well, with the staff anticipating all our needs throughout the meal and were always helpful without being intrusive.


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