Hong Kong = Dessert Heaven

It’s funny how I only developed my sweet tooth later in life, sometime in my teens, perhaps? Okay don’t laugh, I’m not that old so that was already considered later in life. I can’t believe I missed out on so much! But it’s never too late to make amends ;) Since my change in tastebuds happened, there has been no “best time” to eat desserts – who says it has to come after meals? Papa taught me that you can eat desserts before your main course at a buffet, just so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. Hehe. It’s the same in Hong Kong. There are simply so many to choose from that in between our main meals, we had a few (or more) dessert stops along the way. I think I ate more snacks/desserts than proper meals. #notcomplaining.

Here are ALL the spots I checked out for sweet treats, don’t say that you didn’t know where to find them

1. Yee Shun Milk Company

img_9192_zpslle4h2ruHong Kong has its fair share of local desserts, and steamed milk/steamed egg is one of them. And the place to head to for your dose of this traditional dessert has to be Yee Shun Milk Company. The bowls are served piping hot, and the milk is so smooth and silky, it slides down your throat almost like beancurd. We loved it with the variety of toppings, such as red bean and gingko. Australian Dairy Company also does a fantastic rendition of the steamed milk. Don’t forget to check it out!

Address: G/F, 513 Nathan Road
Nearest MTR: Yau Ma Tei
Open daily 12pm to 12mn

2. Oddies Foodies

12353357_1390698871237658_1553693225_n_zpsnlmytbnzOddies Foodies has been all over Instagram for its OTT egglets. Typically, egglets can be found along the streets of Hong Kong, simply an eggy batter fried into this cute shape. Oddies Foodies is a way overpriced version of this local street food, justified by the plethora of toppings such as soft serve, cream and other crunchy bits. It’s yummy, and so Instagrammable, but whether I would pay for it again is another consideration altogether.

Address: 45 Gough St, Central, Hong Kong
Nearest MTR: Sheung Wan
Open daily 12pm-10.30pm

3. Urban Bakery Works

img_4349_zpsez02thyzTucked away on the 3rd floor of an upscale Landmark mall, this bakery beckoned as we headed up the escalator. A plethora of croissants of all sorts screamed “take my money!” and I was spoilt for choice for what to order. Picked out the Ball Law croissant because the name sounded interesting and it looked good. Realised belatedly that it’s a twist on the word “bo lo”, which describes the flaky crust that this croissant has. We also topped up to have a slice of French A.O.C. butter sandwiched between the croissant, and boy, that was the best decision I made. The croissant itself was disappointing in flavour (perhaps because we had the Almond croissant before that, which I would recommend in place of this), but that butter…who knew that the fancy pants French butter could taste so darn good?! I might just go back because of that butter… *happy sigh*

Address: Room 322, 3/F The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
Nearest MTR: Central
Open 7.30pm-8pm (Mon-Fri), 8.30am-8pm (Sat-Sun)

4. Via Tokyo

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetFor fans of matcha, this is the place for you. Specialising in all things matcha, it’s a pretty popular spot, so you should be prepared to wait for a seat. All we really wanted was to try their soft serves though, so we opted to takeaway instead. And wow, these were so good!! They were so creamy and luscious that it was an absolute indulgence to have! The matcha was really good with a slight bitterness to balance out the mild sweetness. But what stole all of our hearts was the houjicha, with its deep smokey flavour. So, so good!

Address: G/F, 29 Cameron Road, Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui
Nearest MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui
Open 12pm-11pm (Sun-Thu), 12pm-11.30pm (Fri-Sat)

Address: Shop nos. 1A-1B, G/F., Leishun Court, 106-126 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Nearest MTR: Causeway Bay
Open 9.30am-10.30pm (Sun-Thu), 9.30am-11pm (Fri-Sat)

5. Hui Lau Shan

img_4454_zpsjbpxabktLast, but definitely not the least, was our FAVOURITE dessert shop of all time – Hui Lau Shan. Evidence lies in the form of returning every.single.day. to this shop for that Coconut Milk with Birds Nest and Hashima. Did you know that hashima is frog’s ovaries (or something along those lines)? I have to say that I was a tad grossed out when I heard that, but my love of it just overcame the shock. I still can’t get over eating frog’s legs though. Anyway, I digress – the coconut milk can be served either hot/cold, and either version works perfectly. It’s so satisfying, creamy (without being overly so) and absolutely delicious. Plus, you can eat the coconut flesh at the end too, which is so young and tender that it can be scooped out easily with a spoon! You HAVE to try this. A little note is that on my previous trip, it actually fell wayyyy below expectations, so I’m not sure if there are inconsistent standards? But I’m glad that it improved again on my recent trip. Hui Lau Shan has many outlets, so there’s no excuse not to visit! They’re also famous for their mango desserts like the jumbo one there, which has mango ice cream, mango puree, mango pudding AND fresh mango in it. Love!!!

Let me know if you liked these sweet treats, and where’s the next place I should check out on my next trip to Hong Kong! Also, check out my post to see where you can find the Best Egg Tarts in Hong Kong.


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