Battle of Hong Kong’s Egg Tarts

There is no excuse to come back empty handed from Hong Kong without some goodies in tow, because there is no lack of options to choose from! Bo lo bao (pineapple bun), lau po bing (“Wife’s biscuit”), egg rolls, and the likes, there are so many of my favourite baked goodies there! Despite stuffing myself while I’m on holiday, I still can’t resist bringing a slice of happiness back to enjoy at home.

One of my top picks to bring back would be Hong Kong’s famous egg tarts! True, it can be found all around Singapore, but those from HK are just different, totally unbeatable by our standards. And now we’re lucky to have the top egg tart brands in Singapore, but they’re way overpriced here compared to their HK counterparts. On my trip to HK this year, I went to suss out the Top 3 Egg Tarts which you should definitely check out when you’re there!

1. Tai Cheong Bakery

We unanimously pronounced Tai Cheong as the winner of the egg tarts battle. The picture above actually pictures Tai Cheong (in the aluminium holder) and Honolulu, which came in a close second. We preferred the egg-filling of the latter, which had a deeper, more pronounced body. And we liked how the firm crust had a tinge of saltiness to it, which brought out its flavour and complemented the wobbly interior.

There are many outlets scattered over the Hong Kong Island side of the city, so definitely drop by to get your hands on some of those freshly baked tarts.

2. Honolulu Coffee Shop
If judged alone, Honolulu’s egg tart is thoroughly enjoyable as well. The filling of this egg tart was slightly sweeter, with a lighter-hand on the egg flavour. The crust is also delightfully crumbly, if that’s what you prefer.

Address: 176-178 Hennessy Rd, Hong Kong
Nearest MTR: Wan Chai
Open 7am-2am (Mon-Sat), 7am-12am (Sun)

Address: 33 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong
Nearest MTR: Central
Open daily 7am-11pm

3. Hoixe Cake Shop

Hoax’s egg tarts were pretty sweet as well, with a lighter, flaky crust. It might pale in comparison to the other two obvious top choices, but when it’s so affordable (HKD$4), imma bring back a whole box of it anyway.

Where else can I find the best egg tarts to bring back from my next trip from Hong Kong? Do drop me a comment and let me know!


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