Yo! Fit Pass

Hello, February! CNY is just around the corner and along with it comes all the feasting as usual. I can never resist all those festive goodies – it’s probably my favorite part of the whole season. There’s always that conflict of trying to stay in shape despite all the food that I eat though. If you follow me on Instagram (@xuannykelly), you’ve probably seen my attempts at eating clean with my salads and all (check out #xuannyeatsclean for some eatclean ideas!). It takes discipline though. Whipping up all those salads isn’t easy. I do enjoy making them very much, but sometimes I face a dilemma of whether to catch that few extra winks or wake up early to prepare a healthy lunch.

You might have heard this phrase “Abs are made in the gym, but revealed in the kitchen.” True enough, just exercise or dieting alone is not going to cut it. Which is why the folks at Yo! Fit Pass have come up with Singapore’s first ever fitness and healthy food pass! One pass – 10 workouts and 10 meals in a month. For those familiar with multi-gym access passes like GuavaPass, this works in pretty much the same way.
Photo 27-11-15, 4 05 05 PM
I’ve always been rather curious about juicing, and while I don’t think I can muster up the determination to go on a full juice diet for 3 days in a row or something, I was really excited to try out some of the juice selections offered by Yo! Fit Pass. Checked out Daily Juice at Circular Road, and HIC Juice (finally!!!), and I really loved how tasty those juices were! My pick would definitely be Maquila from HIC Juice, which was a deliciously citrusy concoction that kickstarted my day in such a refreshing manner.
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For workouts, you can choose from a selection of yoga, bootcamps, and even less common activities like paddle-boarding! I do hope that the number of classes available will increase, and I believe that it is possible with the team actively sourcing for new partners.

If your 2016 New Year’s resolution was to get up and start doing something positive for your health, Yo! Fit Pass is a good place to begin! Membership is on a monthly renewal basis, with no contract commitments. To get you started on your first month, use my promo code “YOKELLY” to get $40 off your first pass :) What are you waiting for!


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