Fern & Kiwi

I first heard about this place because of their famous 3 litre margarita, which came in a massive glass and I thought it was a fantastic idea for a group to share. Unfortunately, they took that item off the menu and I never found an impetus to go there, till it appeared on The Entertainer App. For some strange reason, all the restaurants that I want to visit using the app do not open on Sundays! WHY??? I never knew there could be so many places that were closed on Sundays till I had such a hard time finding a place for dinner. And ain’t that just strange because aren’t the weekends the days when people dine out more often?! Oh well.

I’m glad that we made it to Fern & Kiwi, by pure luck, on a Sunday! This place has one of the BEST RIBS EVERRRRRRR. I’m a huge fan of pork ribs, and F&K just nailed it!

Fern & Kiwi Classic Pork Spare RibsThe only thing I regretted was not ordering a larger size. Aesthetics and portion wise, it might not look like much. But boy, it was so so good! There are three sizes for the Classic Pork Spare Ribs – Regular $22, Medium $31 and Mega $59. We ordered the regular, and it came in a stack of 4 rather large pieces. It was totally not enough. I NEED A MEGA SIZE OF THESE RIBS. Tender, with meat falling off the bone, that satisfied one important aspect of pork ribs. Marinated with a wicked combination of honey, hoisin and orange glaze, the ribs were sticky sweet, savoury and tasty. And to top it off, a small jug of the best BBQ sauce ever!!! We were so glad that this dish came first because we just used that jug of BBQ sauce for every other dish that came along! The ribs themselves are sufficiently slathered in the marinade, and you don’t really need any additional sauce for it. But that sauce was so good, we couldn’t waste it!

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 presetFries from the Haka Burger ($24) went into the jar, and I poured the sauce over the burger as well, because the BBQ sauce just went so perfectly with everything. Let’s take a pause here from raving about the sauce, and turn our attention to the fries. These were amazing as well!! They were delicious crisp, and remained so throughout the meal. The burger was generously portioned and came with a really interesting tangy sauce that we couldn’t quite put our finger to. Our guess was Worcestershire sauce, but who knows?

Fern & Kiwi Pure South New Zealand Rib Eye

Fern & Kiwi Kumara MashWe ordered the Pure South New Zealand Rib Eye ($23 for 200gm) and you get a choice of black pepper or mushroom sauce with it. Presentation-wise, it felt like no effort was put into it at all. We topped up $5 for the Kumara Mash, and that was great! It came in a casserole that looked like quite a lot for the price. It’s sweet potato mash, and you know, I just love sweet potato. We couldn’t stop eating it!

Fern & Kiwi Oven Baked Herb Crusted ChickenWho knew that the Oven Baked Herb Crusted Chicken ($25) would come with kumara mash as well? Haha. The more the merrier anyway,since we liked it so much. The chicken was beautifully done. Coated in a crisp herbed crust and baked, it was juicy and naturally flavourful.

The quality of food here was better than expected! Perhaps because I’d simply been totally impressed by those spare ribs. I’ll be back for the mega sized one.

Fern & Kiwi
3C River Valley Road #01-02/03
Tel.: +65 6336 2271


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