Make your dream come true…

The season of weddings has begun. Engagement announcements are more common than not, on Facebook and Instagram, and there is a flurry of activity as the invites start pouring in.

For the bride, she wants to look her best. But with the exorbitant cost of weddings nowadays, it’s crucial to maximise whatever budget the couple has for themselves. Which means compromises and focusing on what’s important. Everyone has different priorities. But again, the bride wants to look her best. The ring probably already costs a pretty sum, and it should be one of the things that take centerstage. But what about the other accessories? It’s what adorns the bride that makes her appearance complete.

An affordable option, yet one that does not compromise on quality is Trinket Cove’s bridal collection. Offering a range of elegant pieces, Trinket Cove’s jewellery is handcrafted with quality materials and semi-precious gemstones. There is something for every bride’s dream.

Trinket Cove Bridal Jewellery

For the bride who loves her bling, these classic drop rhinestone earrings will take her from her stunning white wedding gown to the elegant evening look.

Trinket Cove Bridal Jewellery

An understated pearl necklace speaks volumes when it’s paired with the white gown, and this dainty piece is suitable for daily wear as well!

Trinket Cove Customization

Besides a growing collection of ready-to-wear pieces, Trinket Cove also does customisations for brides and bridesmaids. With a wedding being the most important day of a woman’s life, Trinket Cove’s handmade pieces can be tweaked to your personal preference, to complement your gown and wedding theme. Email to start to turn your dreams into reality.


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