Cafe Insadong

Hey there!! I’ve been recently revived from my zombie state after an exhausting week of work last week! I really don’t know how people manage to survive staying late at work every day of the week >.< Just a whole week of appointments and other engagements every single night, including Saturday, just left me feeling absolutely drained! Thankful for Sunday when I could finally put my feet up and stay at home the entire day. I’m such a homebody. Always need days at home to recharge. Heh. Feels so good! Especially time spent with the family & Sam (:

We had dinner together on one of the weekends (we’ll save that for another post) and continuing from the Korean trend in the previous post, we headed for dessert at Cafe Insadong after that ^^ Bingsu hunting is back again. In fact, I’d never really stopped.

Cafe Insadong Red Bean & Sweet Potato PatbingsuProbably the most famous of which was their sweet potato bingsu, which is well-known for its “surprise” factor, whether the sweet potato is purple or yellow. Not that it makes much difference to the flavour. We went for the best of both worlds – Red Bean and Sweet Potato ($12.80) which came with Taro ice cream, my favourite! The whole combination worked for me perfectly, and I devoured it.

Cafe Insadong Green Tea PatbingsuThe Green Tea bingsu ($15.80) seemed lacking in flavour in comparison, though the bittersweet matcha ice cream and red bean helped to boost the dessert a little.

Cafe Insadong Macchiato with Baileys & Espresso PatbingsuThe most interesting was the Macchiato with Baileys and Espresso ($18.80) that was topped with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream. While I’m not a fan of coffee, I had to admit that this was a standout dessert, compared to the ubiquitous flavours in most bingsu establishments. I liked the bits of Loacker and other crunchy bits in the bingsu, and while the price tag looks hefty, it’s actually pretty worth the money since it came with a shot of baileys to pour onto the dessert. Awesome stuff!

Overall, I still prefer Nunsaram/Nunsongyee, but for the sweet potato bingsu, I might just come back here once more.

Cafe Insadong
279 South Bridge Road
Tel.: +65 8533 2003
Mon-Thu 12pm-9.30pm
Fri & Sat 12pm-11.30pm
Sun 12pm-6pm


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