Seoul in Love

So many people have been heading to Korea in the past two years, and I can’t wait for my turn next year already! Plans have been in the works since early this year actually, but because of conflicting schedules, I didn’t manage to visit this year in the end :( I’m determined to head there next year during autumn though!! Lots of people have been travelling in this season as well, and the scenery looks simply gorgeous.

I can’t wait to shop Korean fashion too! Though it might be fall/winterwear when I’m there, which is quite a pity. But still, I could probably get some accessories there. In the meantime, I’m satisfying my wanderlust and shopping needs with Zalora’s collection of Korean brands.

There is quite a selection available, and one of my favourites is Maxqullo. This checkered dress looks super comfy and looks perfect for a Sunday brunch with plenty of room to hide a food baby.

Other items that caught my eye were these two:

Culottes are all the rage right now, and there’s a good reason why! They look effortlessly chic, and are high on the comfort factor, which is a near-impossible combination. I haven’t got a pair for myself yet…but I’m definitely keeping a lookout for one!

I came across lapalette in Singapore a couple of years ago, and I really liked their bags!! As a student, I could never bring myself to purchase one of their bags. This bag looks perfect for work though! And I just fell in love with that backpack too.

Online shopping is so therapeutic, especially now that I don’t have much time to rest on weekends, much less drag myself to town to go shopping. I miss my weekends!!!


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