Froth Cafe

Since it’s inception, I’ve been seeing numerous photos of its picture-worthy Taro Waffles. I’m a sucker for anything taro, and I was determined to try it out one day! Was *this* close to popping by during lunch while we were having training and had the luxury of time to travel farrrrrr, but didn’t manage to make it there. Glad that I finally did though! Celebrated Sam & Rach’s birthdays with the Superheroes, and we ordered I was so full after that, I skipped dinner altogether.

Froth Cafe Bacon ChowderWe started with the Bacon Chowder ($7.90) which was a creative twist on the ubiquitous clam chowder. It was funny because we were a little confused initially, wondering why there was no taste of clams at all. Well, it’s not supposed to. But the smokey aroma of the bacon was delicious in the thick broth, studded with crispy bacon bits. The best part was definitely the poached egg which we unearthed in the middle of the soup, and mixed it in to thicken it further.

Froth Cafe Mixed FriesI really shouldn’t be eating so much fries, but how could I resist when we had this amazing bowl of Mixed Fries ($12.90) in front of us?! It was everything I could have asked for in a bowl of fries – a powerful combination of truffle fries, sweet potato fries and yam fries!! Wow. The truffle fries were seasoned really well, and I love sweet potato fries in any form. Yam fries – that was something new! I felt they were a tad too chunky and hard initially, but they grew on me as I chomped down on more. I’m not sure whether this is still available, but House’s version of shoestring yam fries is nicer IMO!

Froth Cafe Doritos Crust WingletsThe Doritos Crust Winglets ($11.90) were probably one of my favourite items of the meal! Boneless winglets topped with a fabulous spicy Doritos crust. Whoever thought of this combination is a genius!!! They absolutely nailed it. I love Doritos, period. And Doritos x boneless wings? Man, it was perfect.

Froth Cafe Chilli Crab SpaghettiI’d heard some rave reviews about the Siobak Aglio Olio, but we had a request for the Chilli Crab Spaghetti ($20.90) so that’s what we went for in the end. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’ve been eating this dish a little too often such that it’s growing old on me, but I wasn’t quite impressed with Froth’s rendition of it. It was fiery, yes. But flavour-wise, I felt that it wasn’t quite true to taste.

Froth Cafe Matcha Rice with BeefThe Matcha Rice with Beef ($30.90) was a rather…interesting dish that we ordered. Not something that I would usually go for, and I feel justified in saying so. Couldn’t quite get used to the taste of matcha in the rice, and the green tea infusion seemed to make it soggy. The Black Angus prime ribeye was tasty though, and was pretty tender; but the combination in general just seemed a little strange.

Froth Cafe Pan Fried SalmonSam’s request was the Pan-fried Salmon ($20.90), and that turned out really well done! The salmon steak was perfectly seared, with a tinge of rawness within, which was a nice touch. It was beautifully tender, with crispy skin.

Froth Cafe Cheesy Lobster SandwichWe also really liked the Cheesy Lobster Sandwich ($22.90) which is probably one of the more affordable options out there. Surprisingly, I felt that the quantity of slipper lobster chunks within it were pretty decent, considering that we all only had a mouthful of the sandwich each. The combination of lobster, cheese, tobiko and mental mayo gave it quite a substantial mouthfeel, which possibly explains it.

Froth Cafe Taro WaffleBy the time we finished our food, we were really full already. I was probably the only one who was still excited about the highly anticipated Taro Waffle ($12.90). Unfortunately, it was a MASSIVE LETDOWN. I can’t believe how disappointing it was, even though a friend had already warned me beforehand that it wasn’t anything fantastic. What was with all those photographs on Instagram???! Honestly…calling it “bad” would probably be the best description. Unfortunately. The taro sauce tasted oddly artificial, and the waffle was nothing to shout about. And it wasn’t purple! I’d read about the inconsistencies in the appearance of the waffle and actually clarified with the staff before I ordered – whether it was purple or not. They told me it was purple. Hello…this waffle is obviously brown, right? The only thing that was decent about this dessert was probably the earl grey ice cream, which was not too bad. Otherwise, terribly disappointing.

Would I come back? I truly liked the ambience and spaciousness of this cafe, and the food was pretty yummy too, although on the steep side. But it was a pretty satisfying meal, so perhaps I would! Just make sure not to order those waffles next time. Looks can be deceiving.

Froth Cafe
200 Middle Road, BIG Hotel
Tel.: +65 6336 1228
Daily 11.30am-10pm


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