Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro

Park Hotel Alexandra has been gaining quite a bit of attention, with the number of food outlets that have opened in its premises. Within the same building, or perhaps right next to the hotel is actually a mall, that is a tad inconspicuous as it is overshadowed by the hotel on one side and IKEA on the other. While still in its soft-launch phase, there are a number of F&B establishments within the mall. Some of you might be familiar with Atmosphere Bar & Bistro in the east of Singapore, and it has opened a cafe concept in the new mall. Dressed in a royal shade of purple, with Audrey Hepburn adorning the feature wall, the feel of this cafe is quite a contrast from its predecessor. And the dishes served differ to an extent as well, reflecting the “daytime” feel of this new concept, compared to the other, which is a bar.

Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro House Salad

House Salad ($7.80)

Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro Truffle Fries and Battered Mushrooms

Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro Spam FriesChoices of starters were aplenty, and we picked a selection of them to begin our meal. The Truffle Fries ($9.80) received a unanimous thumbs up, being one of the most generously-seasoned ones we’ve tried! It’s not often that the truffle flavour is this potent, and we went crazy over it. The Battered Mushrooms ($6.80) were another addictive choice. Deliciously crisp, yet juicy on the inside, we couldn’t help picking at them even before the photo-taking was over. The Spam Fries ($8.80) are something that I’m not quite a fan of, however, it seemed pretty popular at our table as well.

Because this was a tasting, I pretty much had just a mouthful of each item, so that I could save my stomach for the rest. I still ended up stuffed to the brim nonetheless (and a buffet dinner followed soon after :O).

Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro Pan Seared Salmon I really liked the Pan Seared Salmon ($20.80) for the rather generous portion and the doneness of the fish. It also came with a dollop of caviar on the side, which added a new dimension to the otherwise ubiquitous dish.

Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro Seafood Aglio OlioThe Seafood Aglio Olio ($16.80) came adorned with three beautiful huge, juicy-looking prawns. The pasta was well-seasoned with garlic and chilli and was topped with squid as well.

Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro Flaming PizzaA really interesting dish we had was the Flaming Pizza ($14.80)! First time seeing a pizza being served this way. Some alcohol was poured on top of the pizza and it was set on fire, with the flames licking the cheese, melting it, while giving a slight char to the crust.

Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro Wagyu Burger If I had to choose between the Wagyu Burger ($19.80) and the Mini Beef Burgers ($16.80), I’d probably go for the latter because they tasted pretty much the same, with a difference in price. It was nice that the patty was thick and juicy, but it didn’t leave much of an impression.

Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro Latte ArtistUp till this point, Atmosphere Cafe had not impressed much, as I felt their dishes were rather standard. Though decent, there was nothing that made it stand out. Thankfully, its saving grace lies in the form of its drinks & desserts. Atmosphere’s barista, Serene, is super talented and churned out countless creations of 3D & normal (or not-so-normal) latte art that had us ooh-ing and ahh-ing with delight. Initially wow-ed by the 3D latte art, we ended up falling in love with my halloween minion design which was so crazily adorable! Drinks range from $6 for a coffee, to $9.50 for a Baileys Hot Chocolate, and 3D latte art is an additional $1.

Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro 3D Latte Art

Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro Halloween Minion Latte Art


Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro Kirin Frozen Beer Cranberry & LimeIf you’re craving a drink with more kick, check out their alcohol selection which includes these Kirin Frozen Beers. We tried the Lime & Cranberry flavours ($13 each) and concluded that the Lime was a clear winner. With a distinctive citrusy flavour, this was a refreshing twist to the beer, and a lovely complement to the food.

Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro Rainbow Cake & Chocolate Truffle CakeWe were spoilt with the dessert offerings! The dessert counter beckoned with a tempting display of cakes, tarts and macarons. The Rainbow Cake ($7.80) was enjoyably light and fluffy, which was a relief after the heavy meal. Despite my fullness, I thoroughly relished the richness of the Chocolate Truffle Cake nonetheless and couldn’t help digging into it greedily even though my tummy barely had any space left. The Lemon Meringue Tart ($6.80) was alright, but lacked the punch that I look for in lemon tarts.

Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro Fluffy Snowfall The Fluffy Snowfall ($12.80) was a gorgeous stack of thick, fluffy pancakes. I like!!! These were really well done, with just the right texture. Dressed with blueberries and whipped cream, it was simply presented, but hit the right notes.

Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro MarigoldFor lava cake lovers, check out Atmosphere’s rendition – Marigold ($12.80). To stand out from the sea of lava cakes out there, this version features a custard-y cheese interior. The flavour was nostalgically familiar, but somehow I couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was! It flowed out beautifully, with a salted-egg yolk appearance, and was a really interesting dessert.

Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro Black Pearl (Chocolate Bomb)Finally, the pièce de résistance was the Black Pearl Chocolate Bomb ($15.80). Fans of chocolate, you HAVE to order this. I first tried something like this in a Gordon Ramsey restaurant in London. I fell head over heels in love. And I never thought I’d have the chance to try this again; especially not in Singapore. I was over the moon when this dish was served to our table. Piping hot chocolate sauce slowly poured over a perfectly round chocolate sphere. The ball slowly melts away, revealing a deep, dark chocolate-y interior. 

This sat atop a bed of berries and cookie crumbs, which helped to provide a contrast in mouthfeel to the chocolate. A warning, this is an intensely rich dish. Do not attempt to finish it on your own. It’s so damn good though ^^

Atmosphere Cafe & Bistro
321 Alexandra Road
Alexandra Central Mall #02-01
Tel: +65 6250 4863
Daily 11am-10pm


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