Clairol treatment

It is inevitable that any chemical procedures will cause the hair to lose moisture and become drier. Since I started perming, and especially dyeing, my hair has lost the quality of virgin hair, which is really saddening. Unfortunately, I have greying hair at this age, which makes it impossible for me not to dye my hair. So it’s a give or take. The good thing is that these chemical treatments usually come with complementary hair treatments to nourish damaged tresses.

I went back to Salon B recently and this was the state of my hair. The curls had loosened quite a bit since my perm just about a month ago :(

Dried ends and such as well.

Once I was seated comfortably into my chair, I was all set to receive some pampering. Yay ^^ First up was a hair wash that was so comfortable that I almost started dozing off.  I was then ushered back to my seat to begin the Clairol treatment.

With silk proteins and almond oil, this treatment helps to soften and deliver hydration to damaged hair, repairing it from within.

Although it would definitely require several treatments to really restore my hair, it did feel noticeably softer immediately after the treatment! And Louie gave me an incredible blowout once again, and I walked out of the salon with these gorgeous big, bouncy curls.

Salon B
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