Sync Korean Fusion Bistro

Instagram-worthy shots of oozy matcha lava and fries dripping with cheese have caused me to salivate on several occasions and I was determined to visit Sync Korean Fusion Bistro sometime, despite the fact that it was located in the far west of Singapore. We rarely ever head in that direction, but in commemoration of Yi’s last weekend in Singapore, we decided to satisfy her undying love for Korean food, and to the west we went!

Whether the food was worth the travel…well, perhaps not. I felt that only a couple of items (those that I mentioned above actually) warranted a second visit, while the rest weren’t anything fabulous.

Sync Korean Fusion Bistro Kimchi Cheese FriesTo tempt you, this was the Gamja Tuikim ($6.90) or Kimchi Cheese Fries that we ordered. These were wickedly addictive, and we couldn’t help reaching out for more, despite the fact that we ate a massive plate of truffle fries that morning. The fries were delightfully crisp, and topped with a huge dollop of spicy kimchi and oozy nacho cheese, this made for a delicious appetiser.

Sync Korean Fusion Bistro Crispy Chicken WingletsThe Yangnyeom Tongdak ($7.90 for 3pcs) crispy chicken winglets come with a spicy and non-spicy option. With a tasty batter and sauce, these were alright, but pretty average when compared to establishments like Chicken Up that specialise in KFC.

Sync Korean Fusion Bistro KimchijeonPerhaps the most disappointing of the lot was the Kimchijeon ($8.90) or kimchi pancake. Though it was meant to be a starter portion, we were still rather shell-shocked by the tiny portion, having been used to the generous portions we usually have at other Korean restaurants. This was tinier than a personal pan pizza, and was definitely insufficient for sharing. It might not have been a bad thing though, as the quality of the pancake was rather mediocre as well. I felt that it was way too dough-y and nowhere as tasty as our favourite at 2D1N.

Sync Korean Fusion Bistro Kimchi Fried RiceThe Kimchi Bokkeumbap ($14.90) Kimchi Fried Rice fared better. This was a flavourful bowl of rice, with a spicy tanginess from the kimchi and was topped with a fragrantly stir-fried pork and an egg. If only the yolk was runny! It was a delicious combination nonetheless, after we mixed in all the ingredients together.

Sync Korean Fusion Bistro Army StewBudae Jjigae ($15.90) or Korean Army Stew has to be one of my favourite Korean foods! Perfect for a cold day, this piping hot bowl of stew simply warms the heart and is lovely for sharing. Sync’s version was, unfortunately, tiny again, though it redeemed itself somewhat with the variety of ingredients – rice cake, ramyun, dumplings, pork sausage and pork belly slices.

Sync Korean Fusion Bistro Lava CakeFor the final flourish. what’s worth coming back for – Sync’s awesome lava cakes!! It is possibly inconceivable how I used to not like sweet things (because of sensitive teeth issues which I have resolved with Sensodyne), but I have since developed an insatiable sweet tooth against the benefit of my health. As I perused the menu, my eyes landed on the Nokcha Lava Cake ($8.90) and Hwaiteu Chokollis Taro Lava Cake ($8.90), which were matcha and taro respectively, and I couldn’t decide between the two! To simplify the dilemma, I decided to just order both. And I have absolutely no regrets doing so! Both lava cakes flowed perfectly, and were so incredibly delicious in their own way. It would be impossible to get me to pick a favourite. This, I might come back for.

In general, though prices at this korean bistro are relatively affordable, the portions seem too small to justify that fact in any case. Quality was rather average as well, though a few standout items like the fries and lava cake tasted as good as they looked!

Sync Korean Fusion Bistro
Westgate Mall #03-01
Tel.: +65 6369 9913
Mon-Thu 11am – 11pm
Fri-Sat 11am – 12am
Sun 11am – 11pm


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