Two Men Bagel House

A quirky name for a unique concept in Singapore. I had bagels, and liked them, for the first time when I visited a bagel shop while travelling in Melbourne, and since then, I wished that I could find a similar concept in Singapore. Two Men Bagel House answered my call for this quick and easy lunch option, complete with its chillax ambience and friendly service.

Two Men Bagel House LoxLox ($11.90) is the classic bagel combination of smoked salmon and cream cheese spread, and I loved how there was such a generous amount of cream cheese slathered on this bagel. Pickled onions, beets and capers lent a hint of sweet and sour to complement this, and it simply can’t go wrong.

Two Men Bagel House RodeoRodeo ($12.90) was roast beef slices with sweet onion relish, melted cheese and mustard, and was a juicy, tasty pairing. I found the beef a little hard to chew on, but I loved how the sweet onion added great flavour to it.

Two Men Bagel House have monthly specials, where they introduce new items. Those that are popular then get placed on the daily menu, so that patrons can continue to enjoy them after the month is over. We tried their Sriracha ($13.90), which was the special for the month of August, and that was possibly our favourite amongst all! Okay, to be fair, I only tried one bite of it, but it looked and tasted pretty amazing for that one mouthful. The cajun spiced chicken thigh was delightfully moist, and the sriracha aioli was bursting with flavour that enhanced the tastiness of the chicken even further.

I liked how there were so many varieties of bagels to choose from, that every visit could give you a different experience based on whichever permutation you choose. Plain, black & white sesame, caramelised onion, and sea salt (their newest flavour!) are some of the options available. The friendly staff will be most willing to give you recommendations from their mind-boggling array of options.

I would definitely pop by again because there are always new flavours to check out here. Looking forward to my next visit ;)

Two Men Bagel House
Icon Village #01-12
Tel.: +65 6509 4125
Mon-Fri 8am-8pm
Sat, Sun & PH 9am-6pm


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