Chotto Matte

Chotto Matte is a Japanese restaurant set in a quaint neighbourhood just off Outram Park, and is housed in a beautiful colonial shophouse. I was really excited prior to visiting the restaurant, and I’m glad that it lived up to expectations! With the name “Chotto Matte” which means “wait a moment” in Japanese, it might be a good idea to be prepared as such when you visit though. Nevertheless, the quality of the dishes made our wait worth it, and it was a very satisfying meal.

Chotto Matte Torched Salmon Maki

Chotto Matte Supaishi SalmonStarting off, we had two sushi rolls – Torched a.k.a. Aburi Salmon ($22) and Supaishi Salmon ($19). As we were housed in the private area of the restaurant that is probably meant for omakase customers, we were in close proximity to the kitchen and I could smell the delicious smokey aroma of the aburi salmon while it was being torched. It was tasty, but I felt that it could have been done better to justify its price as I’ve had nicer ones elsewhere. The Supaishi Salmon was a feast for our eyes with its pretty presentation, and a delicious combination of salmon, kappa and chilli bean mayo.

Chotto Matte Salmon Cubes YakitoriThe restaurant is well-known for its skewers, but we only ordered one out of the many, as we were more interested in the other dishes. And I would recommend that you order more of the mains as well, otherwise your bill could end up exorbitant. We ordered the Salmon Belly Cubes Yakitori ($8), and it came as such. The fish was cooked perfectly, though I would have loved it better if it was semi-raw, but what made it special was the kickass horseradish mayonnaise that came with it!

Chotto Matte Chargrilled Kurobuta LoinFrom the mains, we had the Chargrilled Kurobuta Loin ($35). This was flavourful, and decently tender, though I’ve concluded that I’m generally not a fan of pork chops. This Japanese version still beats western ones hands-down though!

Chotto Matte Onsen Tamago Wagyu DonWhat stood out the most for me were the items from the Donburi & Pasta menu! It sounds like we ordered a lot, but it was actually surprisingly manageable. Portions might be on the small side, but it was just enough to satisfy us. First up, the Onsen Tamago Wagyu Don ($32). The wobbly egg on top with 10 generous slices of tender, red wagyu made us drool, and I had to fend off chopsticks to snap a quick photo before we dug into it. The egg yolk, disappointingly, was not runny. But the entire combination was delectable, and we absolutely loved the wagyu.

Chotto Matte Wagyu Foie Gras YakimeshiWhat was even better was the Wagyu Foie Gras Yakimeshi ($35). I’m not sure whether it was because I had lower expectations after reading reviews or what, but I was really quite amazed with the amount of foie gras in this dish!! It was a quite a sizable portion for what I feel is a reasonable price. Any more and it might have been an overdose, but we loved the addition of this sinful fatty goodness that was a fantastic complement to the fragrant garlic rice peppered with bits of wagyu.

Chotto Matte Mentaiko PastaBeneath its appearance, the Mentaiko Pasta ($18) surprised with its astonishing flavour. It looked like such a tiny portion, and a bit too bland to look good. Yet, once we started unfurling the strands of noodles, our olfactory senses picked up the aroma of the mentaiko. As we slurped up the pasta, we were overwhelmed by its intense flavour, which was incredibly addictive! It definitely ended our meal on a high note.

Chotto Matte Sake MojitoTo complement our meal, we also had the Sake Mojito ($23), which is a Japanese twist on your usual mint fix. Sake to replace rum seems pretty legit, and we enjoyed this as well!

A fantastic meal we had. Though a tad on the pricey side, it is still reasonable for celebrations and I would definitely recommend any of those items on the Donburi/Pasta section of the menu!

Chotto Matte
54 Blair Road
Tel.: +65 6222 8846
Daily 11.30am-12am


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