Lighthouse Bistro & Bar

It was such a coincidence that I heard about Lighthouse Bistro & Bar recently, and papa decided to get a groupon for this place! I never really had a good impression of groupons, as I feel they are generally a way to get users to patronise establishments which aren’t that great anyway (hence the discount). But our experience at Lighthouse Bistro & Bar proved that I was wrong, at least in this situation – and gladly so! Perhaps the restaurant is rather new, which is why they decided to put up an offer on groupon. I’m not sure if it’s still available, but if it is, grab it! Because I think it’s highly worth it for this restaurant (:

This is a place where you can pay reasonable prices for a semi fine-dining experience – evident in the quality and presentation of the food. Service was warm as well, and we enjoyed our meal thoroughly.

Lighthouse Bistro Fishermen's BoardWe began our meal with their signature starter, the Fishermen’s Board ($18) which is definitely one of the most affordable seafood platters you can ever find! For less than $20, you get a decent serving of squid, black mussels, atlantic tiger prawns and crumbed dory. All the items were pretty tasty, but we loved the squid in particular, which swam in delicious garlic-infused olive oil.

Lighthouse Bistro Black Onyx Angus There was quite a spread of offerings on the menu, and to be honest, we were spoilt for choice! Practically every item sounded good, and I had such a tough time deciding what to order. For meats, we went for the Black Onyx Angus ($39) with an addition of foie gras ($12). The steak was a 200g striploin cut that was nicely done, and the foie gras went perfectly with it, though it was so difficult having to share it amongst the 5 of us.

Lighthouse Bistro Tiger Fish & FriesI didn’t eat much of the Tiger Fish & Fries ($19) as I was trying to avoid fried food, but it was made from an interesting batter of tiger beer, hence the name.

Lighthouse Bistro Malaysian Angel HairIf I had to pick a favourite, it would be the Malaysian Angel Hair ($17). This was so crazy, unbelievably tasty!!! When it was placed on our table, we could already smell its fragrance and couldn’t wait to dig into it! Why Malaysian? Because of the way it was fried – angel hair pasta stir fried in a piquant spicy sambal sauce – “SHIOK!!!” And it came with a generous portion of huge juicy tiger prawns, squid and black mussels. I would totally go back just for another plate of this, all to myself.

Lighthouse Bistro East Atlantic Sea Perch The East Atlantic Sea Perch ($23) was a relatively light option, compared to the other items we ordered. No scrimping on quality nonetheless, and it was as tasty as any of the other dishes we ordered as well! The garlic mashed potatoes tweaked the flavour profile of the dish to add in some excitement, and the capsicum sauce was a unique touch, though not something I fully appreciate.

Lighthouse Bistro Honey Charred ChickenThe Honey Charred Chicken ($18) was really juicy! It was marinated with a honey and soy sauce that made it incredibly tasty, especially when paired with the sauteed mushrooms. It was a tad charred, but you can’t say didn’t warn you. We loved the waffle potato crisps that came with it!

Lighthouse Bistro Kit Kat MilkshakeDrinks sounded wickedly delicious as well – how about a Kit Kat Milkshake ($10)? I wouldn’t really recommend it though, as we felt the small portion wasn’t really worth the price. Furthermore, it wasn’t as thick as how we’d like our milkshakes to be, so I would rather give this a miss and go for the food.

It was a really really satisfying meal of great value (even without considering the fact that we had a groupon). Since their menu is stated as a “Summer Menu”, I’m secretly hoping that they’ll have an update sometime so that it’ll give me a good excuse to return soon!

Lighthouse Bistro & Bar
75 Jellicoe Road
Tel.: +65 6390 1699
Mon-Sat 12pm-10.30pm
Closed on Sundays & PH


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