1st Sept

It’s been a year of work (more than that, when this post is out), and time has flown by so quickly! Where did the year go? At the same time, it couldn’t have passed more slowly. I’ve probably aged more than I would like to in the past year. NOOOO (I spot those eyebags just getting worse). It’s funny how work poses challenges that were rather different from what I’d expected. I imagined working in a financial institution to be challenging in terms of having to pick up technical knowledge. I guess my jobscope didn’t offer that kind of challenge in the end, but forced me to grow in other ways. Dealing with people, for one thing. I’ve been blessed with some of the best colleagues around me, and I’m so thankful for these people :)) At the same time, I had to deal with some of the most nasty people as well, and gosh, how tiring that is.

Moving on to the next stage now! And though I’m so glad to be rid of the previous one, I don’t know if I should be excited or worried about the next. I guess it’s really about taking each day as it comes, embracing the change and trying my best!

New stage of work, new hairstyle! ^^ Thanks to Salon b for giving me curls again!!! (: It’s been awhile since I’ve had curls, and I like how the curls I’ve done each time are slightly different. I have to admit that I was a tad worried when Louie was arranging my hair in the curlers as I’ve never had them done so tightly before. But I’m glad that I left him to do his thing, and I got the Korean curls I wanted! All set now – Year 2, here we go!


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