I’ve got so many overdue posts from July! Really had a good feast that month haha. I don’t usually have buffets nowadays because we simply realized that it wasn’t a good idea to stuff ourselves in a single meal. We used to compulsively go for buffets once every fortnight or so, and this went on for a few months, nearly half a year? I wonder how I did it then! :O my metabolic rate was probably much higher then. Anyway, buffets nowadays are reserved for the rare special occasion where I feel like indulging, and I usually have to prepare my stomach before and after that for the consequences xD it’s still worth it though. Haha.

Lime Parkroyal Pickering Matcha FondueLime at Parkroyal has been on my radar since it opened sometime last year (if im not wrong) because of its gorgeous Instagram-worthy matcha fondue. Call me frivolous and superficial, but that was really the main reason why I wanted to go there HAHA. Turns out that the matcha fondue was way too sweet for me and wasn’t anything to shout about. There are die-hard fans of it, but I still prefer my traditional chocolate fondue. Thankfully, the rest of the buffet made it absolutely worth the trip – this was definitely one of the best buffets I’ve eaten in awhile!

Lime Parkroyal Pickering Sashimi

Lime Parkroyal Pickering Main Buffet DishesThe first thing I usually go for at a buffet is the seafood and sashimi. Thats exactly what I did at Lime too. I felt that section was one of the less impressive ones though. Their mains stole my heart, with the tasty beef cheek that melted in my mouth with a burst of flavor and pork chops bathed an a delicious tomato herb sauce among my favourites.

Lime Parkroyal Pickering Nyonya Spread

Lime Parkroyal Pickering Mee SiamThere was an impressive nyonya station with traditional dishes like ayam buah keluak and chap chye, and you could get piping hot mee siam prepared on the spot!

Lime Parkroyal Pickering PastaAnother station had pastas done a la minute, and though it takes 10-15mins for your food to be prepared, the delish vongole pasta was absolutely worth the wait!

Lime Parkroyal Pickering DessertThe dessert selection was great as well, with a decent variety on top of the famed matcha fondue that comes with a selection of marshmallows and fruit.

What I really liked about this buffet was the quality of its dishes. I’ve been to many where the variety is good, but quality control was sorely lacking. Lime hit all the right notes with an impressive spread, while ensuring that all the food on offer was of excellent quality! I would have gone for seconds of many dishes, if only I had the stomach space to do so. Priced at $68++ for weekend dinner, I feel that it’s really quite a worthy splurge (and reasonable compared to some others) for a good celebration!

3 Upper Pickering Street
Parkroyal on Pickering
Tel.: +65 6809 8899


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