The gym scene in Singapore has seen changes in the past year, with options to provide more flexibility for fitness bunnies to get their exercise fix. Traditional gym memberships that previously existed in various forms now make way for the latest trend – multi-gym memberships that allow members to access a variety of service providers. If you’re like me, who needs variety in your exercise regime, this could be something for you to consider! With a multitude of partners, a monthly GuavaPass membership allows you to try out an unlimited number of classes across various studios – yoga, bootcamp, dance, crossfit etc, allowing you to experience different types of exercises.

I love trying out various types of exercises as I feel that it challenges my body more, rather than allowing myself to plateau. Within a single month of GuavaPass, I had the opportunity to try out new exercises that I might not even have known of!

Croyez StudioI attended a PABT class at Croyez Studio, which uses a powerplate to intensify the workout. Typical exercises like squats, lunges, pushups were all more tiring on the powerplate and my muscles tired faster. Even when you’re not exercising, standing on the plate is supposed to burn calories through the vibrations of the power plate. It was a short but intense class of 9mins x3 times, with a warm up and cool down session, and I ached like crazy the next day, despite the fact that these exercises are what I would do in my usual workouts.


CruCycleIt was also my first time trying out spin classes, with Anthem and CruCycle, and I LOVED THEM. I’ve been apprehensive about such classes for a long time as I always thought they’d be crazily intensive and I was always worried about the bulking effect on my muscles. Thankfully, the latter hasn’t happened. And I really enjoyed the classes I attended! Though tiring, as expected, they were incredibly fun, and time flew by as the energy of the class pushed me to pump my legs faster on the bike. And I really liked how both studios had really well equipped shower facilities, which is something I’ve come to appreciate after visiting so many gyms in the past month.

GuavaPass Website

GuavaPass websiteBooking classes on GuavaPass is quite convenient! Upon successfully registering for an account, you can then log in to access the list of classes and book them with a click. It was the cancellation that I found rather niggly. There is a 12hr requirement for free cancellation (even up to 24hrs for some), otherwise you’ll have to pay a fee. Which made it rather inconvenient for last minute changes in my schedule. I also had some slightly unpleasant encounters with certain service providers – Bikram Yoga Katong, for instance, required a first-time registration fee on top of what you pay for your GuavaPass membership. Though it was a nominal fee, it would have been better if this was communicated on the website so that members can make an informed decision, taking note of the added costs, when they book a class with that studio. It turned out that I didn’t really like the class and never planned to return, so I felt that the fee I paid was rather a waste of my money. In addition, the class duration was stated as an hour on GuavaPass, when it was actually 1.5hrs.

These are just some small kinks that need to be worked out. But overall this concept is a great idea and I can see it being a success for people looking for variety in their workouts.

For more information on membership, check out GuavaPass (:


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