Living the High Life in Seminyak

Oh, Bali :’) Where do I begin? It was such an incredible holiday, better than I could have imagined it to be! Bali exceeded expectations on many levels – the airport impressed us from the moment we landed. It looks like a resort from the outside, and it’s super modern within! Almost on par with our dearest Changi airport, though there is really no place like home.

When I was planning the itinerary for our trip, I was having a hugeeeee (happy) problem deciding where to stay, because there seemed to be so many things to do in Bali! And that’s absolutely true. Whether you’re going there for the beaches, or the good food, surf, party hard or reconnect with your soul – there’s something for everyone in Bali. We’d heard so much about the vibrancy of Seminyak, and we chose to spend the first two nights of our trip there.

Bali Seminyak IZE Hotel

Bali Seminyak IZE HotelWhile it would have been ideal to stay in a villa in Bali, we opted for a hotel instead since it was just the two of us. We stayed at IZE Hotel, and I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone staying in Seminyak!! The location was fantastic. It was located along the bustling street of Jalan Kayu Aya, where there was an entire stretch of bars and restaurants for you to take your pick from. It was just a 5-10min walk from Seminyak Square, and you can even walk to the beach if you don’t mind a slight stroll. The room was super spacious, with a really comfy bed, and we loved the bathroom! It felt so clean! And it came with a rain shower and all. Perhaps one of the most attractive points of the hotel was its rooftop pool and bar. Unfortunately….we never had the chance to swim in it :( Which was such a pity! I would really stay there again just for the pool. It looked amazing! The problem was that the pool and bar closed around 8pm? Which was such a waste really. I can imagine quite a number of guests would be interested to chill at the pool bar at night :/

IZE Hotel big breakfast

IZE Hotel breakfast eggs benedictThe hotel breakfast was really impressive too! Besides the usual buffet spread, which included a salad bar, hot dishes such as mee goreng and nasi goreng, a pastries section, yogurt, juices and fruit, the restaurant had a menu for ala carte orders as well! All already included in the price, of course. We could order as much as we liked, but we had to restrain ourselves, because there was so much other good food in Seminyak to eat! (I’m already dreaming of my next trip back there…) We could order things like eggs cooked any way, and even eggs benedict!!! Now tell me, can you name another hotel that serves eggs benedict as part of their complimentary breakfast?! We were so pampered there.

Our hotel was so amazing that I have to say we had a hard time dragging ourselves away from it. But there were other things on our plate as well. Here are 4 foodie experiences you cannot miss when you’re in Seminyak:

  1. Go Cafe-hopping

Seminyak Sisterfields cafe

Seminyak Sisterfields CafeMove over, Singapore cafes. Seminyak has some of the hippest, coolest cafes we’ve ever been to! They were gorgeous. I’m really amazed at how the cafes in Seminyak managed to embody that incredible vibe of Australian cafes that Singapore can’t seem to have. Perhaps it’s the space issue? I’m not sure. I just loved, loved, LOVED the bright spaciousness of the cafes we visited in Seminyak, and the incredibly creative offerings they had on the menu! No boring eggs benedict there (I sound like I’m contradicting myself after swooning about it above, but no. Eggs benny at hotel breakfast = yay; eggs benny as the most interesting item on a cafe menu = nay). Instead, they had things like soft-shell crab everything and pulled pork sandwiches, yum! And the best thing? Prices at a fraction of what they cost in Singapore. GAWD. What prices are we paying at home??!!! This meal at Sisterfields consisting of two mains and a side cost us just a little over $20. I could eat this everyday.

2. Catch Sunset at Potato Head Beach Club

Bali Potato Head Beach Club

I’m not sure if you remember my Krabi post, but we went to a Beach Club there, which was actually a “beach club”. It was nothing like what we expected. Completely disappointing, where the only redeeming factor was that we had some peace and quiet because nobody could be bothered to go there.

Anyway, Potato Head Beach Club is a completely different story, and you HAVE to visit it! In fact, Seminyak has tonnes of swanky beach clubs that you can check out. We didnt manage to visit Ku De Ta, but I would want to do so on my next trip there! Potato Head here is nothing like Potato Head Folk in Singapore – I can’t see the link at all, to be honest. Any time of the day, PTTHead is abuzz with activity, and you can imagine why. From the restaurant and bar, to the day beds, infinity pool and the beach beyond that, there is always something to do there!

Bali Potato Head Beach ClubCome by at around 5.30pm like we did, and chill around while watching the sun slowly set over the horizon. Bali has some of the most breath-taking sunsets. Just look at the picture above! To snag one of the day beds, there is usually a waitlist. But not to fret, because time will fly past while you’re waiting. The day beds have a minimum spending requirement of RP 500,000++, which is very reasonable compared to most other places.

3. Discover Bali’s amazing cocktails

Seminyak The LibraryWe were lucky that our hotel was located strategically with bars just a stone’s throw away from it. One thing I loved about Bali was the range of quality cocktails its bars offered! Oh yes, I forgot to mention above, you’ve got to try the cocktails at PTTHead! They were so delicious. Slightly more affordable than that you’d pay for in Singapore, with twice the alcohol kick! On occasion I came across some funky-tasting ones, but for the most part, Seminyak has some of the best cocktails I’ve ever tasted! The Library has this fantastic happy hour deal all the way from evening to closing – buy three get one free, which means you pay around RP 300,000 for four cocktails! And the ones we had were pretty decent, especially for the price we paid.

4. Just stuff yourself with good food

Bali Seminyak Mykonos Need I say more? Seminyak has a tonne of good food, and you can find all possible cuisines you can think of, that your stomach will be spoilt silly. Try Mykonos for your mediterranean fix. Though the food was not fantastic, but it was still alright! The cocktails here were one of the funky ones though. Don’t bother.

Hog Wild in BaliAn institution in Bali, Hog Wild in Bali (formerly known as Naughty Nuri’s) serves one of the best ribs ever! For the most part, deliciously fall-off-the-bone tender, with an unlimited amount of sauce to go with it, and so affordable. We ordered a side of sweet potato fries to go with it, and it was pretty awesome as well!

Seminyak was a gem, really. And it’s definitely a place that I would visit it again when I return to Bali!


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