Summer is making way for autumn in temperate countries, where the weather is cooling and together with it, styles are morphing. I always find it such a pity that we don’t have four seasons in Singapore. What fun it would be! The best excuse to have a wardrobe update every few months, and being able to experiment with various fashion trends. I rarely wear long pants in Singapore because of the humidity, and there are so many options for stylish outerwear that we rarely have the opportunity to throw on because it would be simply absurd in this weather. And boots!!! How I love those.

I’m so excited because I’m heading for a Christmas holiday in December though! Which means that I get to shop for new winter clothes ^^ I actually do have some stored away, and I haven’t really taken them out since I went for exchange. But still, every holiday calls for more new clothes! ;)

Okay these first two aren’t really suitable for winter, more like autumn perhaps? But I couldn’t help being drawn to them though! I’m really not a fan of green; in fact I used to dislike it intensely. But recently I’ve taken to certain shades of it, and this classic olive green parka looks simply perfect for the cool autumn breeze! And watching “My Love From Another Star” has gotten me hooked on cape blazers, with that smart casual chic look of draping outerwear over your shoulders. Since I’m going somewhere with harsh winters that are likely close to 0 degrees, I should really be looking at thicker clothing though.

A trench is always a classic, and I love how this one is extra long, which means more protection from the cold! I can’t imagine surviving a freezing winter, and this would be a great accompaniment on my trip.

This knit blazer looks deliciously cosy to snuggle in! I can imagine turning to this as an easy choice when I need some comfort from the cold outside.

Boots are a must for the cold, and I love how these lace-ups look! From the polished reddish-brown, to the style that complements most clothes, I’m really tempted to get this pair.

If you have any suggestions of where I can shop for winter clothes in Singapore, please do drop me a note! (:


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