A shout-out to fellow yogis and yoginis out there! It’s time for the yoga festival of the year here in Singapore!!! SOULSCAPE is coming up on 12 September 2015, so gather your tribe at Tanjong Beach Sentosa for a day of yoga, music and dance. Take your mind off work and the city life for a day, and recharge your body and soul at this event that celebrates living holistically and mindfully.

With over 20 workshops and classes conducted by leading local and regional instructors spanning a diverse and lively range of activities such as yoga, dance, pilates and fitness, there is something for every yogi at this premier yoga festival! These are the three things that are getting me really excited about SOULSCAPE:

1. Sunset Yoga

The full day of workshops culminates with the scenic Sunset Yoga session, starting 6pm, led by internationally acclaimed yoga instructor Cristi Christensen and jazzed up with live music curated by popular local DJ Doopz a.k.a. Amanda Ling, who is also a professional yogini! Against the backdrop of a setting sun, it is going to be a magical mind and body experience.

2. Hydration StationsCocoLife Coconut Water
It’ll be a hot day out with Singapore’s sunny weather, but SOULSCAPE is well prepped for that with its hydration zones stocked with water and Coco Life coconut water! I’m absolutely stoked about the latter – coconut water is my must-have on every beach holiday I’ve gone to. Nothing beats an invigorating sip of that chilled, naturally-sweet thirst-quencher on a sunny day out on the beach. And it has great nutritional perks as well! Being rich in naturally-occurring electrolytes, coconut water is a delicious hydrating agent that refreshes the body and it’s said to boost the immune system with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Coco Life offers the convenience of drinking coconut water extracted freshly from the nut, with no fat, no cholesterol and no artificial flavours. Look out for the giant coconut at Coco Life’s booth in Soulscape to get your free pack of Coco Life!

3. SoulVibes

Come nightfall, that’s when the party begins with a night festival featuring world music performances. In line with the tribal theme of this year’s festival, SoulVibes will feature genres such as Dub reggae, ethic infusions, urban folk music and tri-hop beats. Wind down, chillax and enjoy the music like a village party!

I’m counting down to SOULSCAPE and I hope to see you there too! Tickets are now on sale. A Full Access Pass ($149) covers all yoga sessions and activities including the SoulVibes Music Festival, and includes a free yoga mat and bag worth $80 and a goody bag worth $50. This event is organised by intheLoop, and more information is available on SOULSCAPE’s website and Facebook page. What are you waiting for? Gather Your Tribe and see you there! :)


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