Ette Tea

Sam loves coffee, and I love tea. We’re same same but different that way (: I can’t take coffee for nuts because the effect of caffeine on my system is way too overwhelming to tolerate. Somehow tea doesn’t have that effect on me though, and I absolutely love it. Really glad for the opportunity to meet up with tea-maker  Victor Koh to find out more about his teas, and I loooooove the range of teas carried by his brand, Ette Tea. With a wealth of experience he amassed from working with teas in a couple of heritage companies – 1872 Clipper Tea being one of them (I love their teas too!) – he put his flair in bringing complementary flavours together by creating gourmet blends inspired by food, culture and people. Each new tea blend is a careful process of selection of the perfect ingredients to bring out the desired flavour, and you can literally guess what inspired the tea, simply by taking a whiff!

I had the fortune to bring home some of the tea blends to enjoy, and I had a really fun time getting my family to guess what flavours the teas was meant to embody. We always enjoy Sunday tea time at home together, and I had fun pairing the tea blends with some of my favourite food.

Ette Tea Kris GreyThe Kris Grey tea really reminds me of Fifty Shades of Grey, for some reason. I don’t suppose that was the intention of naming it as such, but I felt that the flavours evoked a elegant sensuality that is reminiscent of it. It’s Ette Tea’s version of Earl Grey tea, and I enjoyed the heady aroma of bergamot. Perfect when paired with a sinful snack such as curry puffs, as it helped to wash down the oil and felt delightfully cleansing.

Ette Tea Pandan ChiffonThe Pandan Chiffon was a blend that reminded me of my childhood, with fluffy green chiffon cakes that I used to eat. It had a floral perfume of pandan leaves and osmanthus blossoms, and thought it’d be perfect paired with traditional goodies such as tau sar piah.

Ette Tea Lychee KonnyakuThe Lychee Konnyaku had a delicious fruity fragrance, with a distinctive lychee flavour. It tasted just like its namesake, and was a lovely complement to mooncakes – just in time for the upcoming Mid-autumn festival!

Ette Tea Mango Sticky Rice & Halia CitronIf you would like to try a cup of Ette Tea without purchasing a packet of it, you can visit some of the F&B outlets that stock it, such as Yellow Cup Coffee. For those fans of the popular Thai dessert, Mango Sticky Rice, I strongly recommend that you try that blend. It tasted like magic! It practically felt like a meal on its own with its beautiful toasty aroma from the genmaicha and roasted barley that created the illusion of digging into a pile of sticky glutinous rice, coated with coconut sauce. Halia Citron is not yet available on Ette Tea’s website, but you can try it in cafes that stock it. I was a little taken aback by the sharp smell of the ginger that hit me when I breathed in the scent of the tea. Thankfully the flavour was significantly milder than its aroma, and was very palatable; in fact, it was rather soothing and I would find it a option to drink if you’re nursing a cold.

If you’re thinking of purchasing some of the teas, you can check out Ette Tea’s website or their stockists. I definitely have to get my hands on the Nasi Lemak flavour sometime!! :)


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