Opus Bar & Grill

It was kind of a last minute decision that I made to go to Opus Bar & Grill for my birthday dinner this year. We were meant to go to The Cajun Kings or one of those seafood-ish places, but due to dietary requirements of some of the parties, we ended up having to make a last minute change. I have to say that I was more than satisfied by the change though, because Opus Bar & Grill turned out to be a much more appropriate and well-received option.

Opus Bar & Grill bread platterWe were pretty starved by the time all of us assembled at the restaurant, so thankfully they served us bread while we were waiting for our dishes. And they were so generous with it! The bread just kept coming, and if we didn’t restrain ourselves, we would have possibly over-eaten even before the actual meal started. We loved the white bread in particular, which was warm and fluffy, delicious on its own, and levelled up by the appetising sweet pepper dip that came with it.

Opus Bar & Grill Kaya CocktailI was the only one who ordered a cocktail (*birthday perks*), and I went for the tantalising-sounding Kaya ($20) under their Asian-inspired cocktails section. It was a blend of Ketel One Vodka, Kaya jam, barley water and lemon juice and came with a slice of kaya toast. Though interesting, I found it rather lacking in both the kaya flavour and the alcohol.

Opus Bar & Grill Opus BurgerThankfully, all the food that we ordered were impressive. We started with the Opus Burger ($32) which was generously portioned with a thick 180g wagyu beef patty that was tantalisingly juicy – one of the better beef patties I’ve had. Caramelised onions clasped in the burger added a sweetness to it, and brought out the flavour of the patty even more.

Opus Bar & Grill 36 hour Pork BellyThe 36 hour Pork Belly ($36) had an incredible texture. Fork-tender pork belly with the perfect balance of fat and meat resulted in a melt-in-your-mouth experience, and the drizzle of lychee and coffee was a seductive combination that was unanimously pleasurable.

Opus Bar & Grill Australian Rangers Valley Angus ($110)You cannot visit Opus Bar & Grill without exploring its beef selection. We went all out and ordered the Australian Rangers Valley Angus OP Rib-eye aged 30 days ($110) which was fit for two persons, based on the menu. It can feed many more in my opinion, because it was so lusciously rich. With medium-rare doneness, the humongous slab of beef retained its juices and excellent marbling provided for an extraordinary explosion of flavour in our mouths. It was lightly seasoned with salt, and that was all was required. We barely touched the sauce that came with it because it was already so delicious on its own.

Opus Bar & Grill 220g Australian Angus tenderloinWe also ordered the 220g Australian Angus 150 day grain-fed tenderloin ($62). Though less magnificent than the latter, it was no doubt one of the best steaks I’ve had too! The premium quality of the beef was evident in its exquisite flavour and texture, and it provided a good balance to the other steak, which could be a tad overwhelming after awhile. We selected the wild mushroom and truffle cream sauce to complement this steak, and the heady aroma was delightfully addictive.

Opus Bar & Grill Tempura Onion Rings

Opus Bar & Grill Mashed Potato and Smoked RisottoWe also ordered a few sides ($7 each) to share. The Tempura Onion Rings were shatteringly crisp, and I loved the light batter that it was coated in. We devoured it within minutes. The Mashed Potato with truffle oil was one of the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever eaten. Trust me on this, you’ve got to order it when you dine here. I could imagine myself frolicking in that unimaginably smooth, creamy mix, heightened by truffle oil. Finally, the Smoked Risotto was a really interesting pick that you’ve got to try as well! The slightly burnt aroma gave an added dimension to the risotto, that cut through the creaminess and made it very palatable.

It was a fabulously satisfying meal we had at Opus Bar & Grill, and the warm service from our waitstaff made the experience an even more enjoyable one. It is definitely a place that I would recommend!

Opus Bar & Grill
581 Orchard Road,
Hilton Hotel
Tel.: +65 6730 3390


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