Here’s the last of my series of Korean food posts (for now)! Been indulging in quite a bit of it recently, if you’ve been following my series of best Korean food in Singapore. I boarded the bingsu bandwagon rather late, and I’ve haven’t got enough of it! Nunsaram (snowman) v.s. Nunsongyee (snowflake) – which is better? That’s a tough call, really! I was equally impressed with both, but there were some features that point me in the direction of Nunsaram.

Nunsaram Green Tea BingsuGreen Tea Bingsu ($13.90). Price wise, Nunsaram wins with its affordability. Its bingsus are much more reasonably priced, compared to the premiums you pay at Nunsongyee. And the portions are decent too! We loved the classic green tea flavour that came with matcha ice cream, pat (red bean) and a smattering of almond flakes. No need to pay additional for the ice cream because it’s all included in the price (unlike the case at Nunsongyee).

Nunsaram Sweet Potato BingsuWhat was really special about Nunsaram’s bingsus was most apparent in their Sweet Potato Bingsu ($14.90). Unlike the case where the generous toppings on bingsu give way to relatively tasteless ice at the bottom, Nunsaram took care to fill their base with a generous amount of ingredients as well! This was the same for the green tea bingsu, but most evident in the former, where we dug into the shaved ice to uncover a smooth sweet potato puree below! It was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! And a really pleasant surprise. Could have done without the whipped cream on top, but no biggy.

Location-wise, Nunsaram is much more accessible too, with its main outlet at Orchard Central. Though I loved the bingsu at Nunsongyee, I can imagine myself frequenting Nunsaram more for my bingsu fix. Then again…there are lots more I haven’t tried :) Where should I go next for more bingsu? Would love to have some recommendations!

Orchard Central #05-51
Daily 11am-10pm


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