Diamond Kitchen

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been eating. A lot. So you can look forward to many more food posts coming up in the next few weeks! Lots of backlog to clear, but that’s a happy problem. My tummy has been so satisfied recently!

I rarely write about Chinese restaurants, because they usually seem rather typical, and we tend to visit the same ones repeatedly, which means I wouldn’t write about them again. Chinese restaurants are probably the only ones that we keep going back to, when we find good places. And this time, we found somewhere new! The variety on the menu was astounding, and the quality, fabulous. I daresay Diamond Kitchen will be somewhere we can add to our list of regulars. Prices were decent, though we felt a tad cheated that we had to order the medium size of all dishes, because apparently the small size is only sufficient for 2-3pax. Considering our rather small appetites though, we might try ordering that the next time.

Diamond Kitchen Superior Stock Clam Bee HoonWe ordered quite a number of their signature items, and the MUST-TRY is the Superior Stock Clam Bee Hoon ($28 large). This dish came with a generous portion of clams – I think each of us had at least 6-8 of them in our bowls – and they were rather big too! The broth was deliciously fragrant, and was well-balanced. Spice it up with the kick-ass sambal chili if you will, and I guarantee you will be satisfied.

Diamond Kitchen Champagne Pork RibsThe Champagne Pork Ribs ($21 medium) garnered unanimous praises from around the table. I couldn’t quite pinpoint whether the flavour of the pork ribs was really the taste of champagne, but the sticky sweet sauce that slathered the tender meat was absolutely delicious!

Diamond Kitchen Pumpkin BeancurdThe Pumpkin Beancurd ($21 medium) was another surprisingly tasty item! It immediately piqued my interest when I saw it on the menu, but still, I didn’t expect it to taste this good. Lightly battered tofu bathed in a broth of smooth pumpkin puree that had a distinct flavour, and topped with chunks of prawn and crab meat.

Diamond Kitchen Claypot Sesame ChickenBecause mummy has had enough of salted egg items, we ordered the Claypot Sesame Chicken ($16 medium), which was the only item we ordered that wasn’t a chef’s specialty. Nonetheless, it was very well done! Which I believe speaks volumes about the potential of the other items on the menu. Served in a bubbling claypot, the chicken was absorbed the goodness of the  rich sauce.

Diamond Kitchen Stir Fried Sweet Potato with Salted FishEven the vegetables sounded so delicious! We were spoilt for choice, and for once we decided to order something else other than one of our favourites. I’m glad we did! We tried the Stir Fried Sweet Potato with Salted Fish ($18 medium) which sizzled with a mouthwatering aroma from the fragrant garlic and salted fish. The flecks of chilli padi in it added a fiery touch to the piquant flavour of this dish.

Diamond Kitchen Pumpkin/Ginko Yam PasteWe were quite full already by the end of our meal (which is why I said we could possibly have been satisfied with the small portions of each dish), but we couldn’t resist ordering our favourite dessert – Pumpkin/Ginko Yam Paste ($28 medium). Unfortunately, this was a letdown for me. Firstly, it came lukewarm, or even less than that. Room temperature, perhaps? That was rather unsatisfying already. Furthermore, the amount of coconut milk was overwhelming, and felt significantly disproportionate to the amount of yam paste. I had too many ginko nuts in my bowl (but that was possibly just mine), and they were bitter. A disappointing way to end an otherwise delicious meal, but that won’t deter me from returning.

Diamond Kitchen
87 Science Park Drive #01-01, Oasis
Tel.: +65 6464 0410
Daily 11am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm




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