24 (:

Helloooooo! I’m finally done with exams! You have no idea how relieved I am to be done with them. Though it was sort of a good feeling to be studying in the midst of work (I miss school!) but it’s really quite a love-hate relationship. Spent most of my jubliee weekend studying (or at least, having this nagging feeling at the back of my head), can you believe it! I regretted scheduling my exam right after the weekend, really. But anyway, it’s over! And Happy 50th, my dearest Singapore <3 Always amazed at how far we’ve come, and I’m so grateful to be born in this beautiful city in this time.

It’s been a busy past two months, packed with activities ever since I recovered from my 2-month cough. I really went all out, pigging out since the beginning of July (*birthday month, yay!*) and I think I went a little overboard :P Beach holiday coming up and I’m gonna look like a pudding. Oh dear. Anyways, here are some photos from the birthday weeks ^^ (warning: it’s quite a photo-heavy post)

Shortly after we got back from Montigo, Sam & I had another mini beach getaway. We finally visited Lazarus Island! I heard about it sometime last year, and I was rather surprised at its existence. Never knew that Singapore could have clean natural beaches :p Although I would say that it still can’t match up to those overseas, but it’s interesting to know, and good to visit just for the experience.

It was quite a pain getting there though! The ferry timings were very limited (even on a Saturday), and we ended up going there at noontime, which was sooooo crazy hot. We attempted to lie on the beach but gave up after 10mins and just retreated to the shade under some trees haha. I really liked the link path from St John island to Lazarus though! It was perfect for photo-taking, and I guess the best part about this island is that it’s still rather under-the-radar, which = no crowd!

Haha, perhaps this is going to be our new holiday pose xD see Montigo.

We went for a buffet dinner at Lime after that!!! So glad that I finally tried it! I’ve been drooling over that matcha fondue for ages. Although I have to say that the fondue wasn’t really much of a highlight in the end, but I really loved the buffet! It was so good. The variety and quality were one of the best I’ve seen in buffets.

Celebration with the superheroes a few days before my birthday at Chijmes. Love this place!!! It’s so beautiful :’) It’s really one of my dream wedding venues haha. Although I don’t really want to have my wedding at the same place as other friends, but considering that Singapore doesn’t have many good venues… :/ Ah well, anyway that’s still going to be awhile away, haha! Forever daydreaming, oops ;)

But you gotta admit that this place is gorgeous, isn’t it? Even the lawn was perfect! We saw so many caucasians just lounging outside Privé (where we were going to have dinner), and we simply had to join in the fun ^^

Final photo when everyone arrived. Thank you for the celebration loves!! <3

I’m super blessed for this girl in my life :)) Never in a million years would I have expected to have good friends at work. It’s almost a year since I’ve started work for real (how time flies!) and I’m so thankful for the people who’ve come my way in this past year :) I’ve met the worst people (literally some of the worst in my LIFE, who make work utterly miserable sometimes), but also some of the sweetest in this one year (: And this girl is one of them! Thank you for surprising me with a cake and card <3 If you see this, love you lots!!! (:

Celebrated with the hopers as well ^^ It’s really been quite awhile since we met up! This bunch is always so busy, but glad that we had almost full attendance, just missing Dom!  (whom we were trying to include in the photo with Shan’s phone hahaha)

And finally, with my favourite people in the world :))) So so glad that Sam could finally make it this time! ^^ First time in the three years since we got together that I could celebrate my birthday with my whole family and Sam together :’) Really meant a lot to have everyone there.

And I got a really pretty cake from The Cupcakery by Athena! ^^ Thanks Athena for conceptualising this rose lychee mojito-inspired cake for me! It was such a pretty little cake, and the portion was just right for all of us (after a full dinner haha). If you would like to get a cake from her, you can check out the hashtag on instagram #thecupcakerybyathena for more details!

That’s all! Sorry for the long post. And I’m off to enjoy the rest of my weekend :D



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