Caveman Food

I’m always on the lookout for new salad places. Especially since I recovered from my long bout of cough which had me stay off salads for a good two months, I’ve really missed it! It might sound pretty ironic that I love eating salads, since I’m nearly always seen to be indulging in good food. But the salads I eat always have a balanced element to it – I still can’t live without my meats ^^

Caveman Food caters to lovers of the Paleo diet, and it’s the first time I’m trying Paleo-inspired food. I have to say that it resonates with me quite well, since the focus here is on proteins – which is essentially meat. I’m also glad that salads are spreading out from the CBD to other parts of Singapore as well, making it more accessible!

Caveman Food Beef Cubes Salad MealI ordered the Beef Cubes Salad meal ($11.90). I would say that this was quite a good deal because it came with three sides instead of the usual two, since the salad is included as one of the ingredients in the dish! If you are confused by what I mean, each set comes with your choice of meat + 2 sides, which range from the likes of pumpkin, sweet potato, baked eggs, boiled vegetables, green salad, apple salad etc. The meal I ordered comes with salad already, and I had the chance to pick two more sides on top of that.

While that was a bonus, I was rather disappointed by the beef. Partly because I really don’t like black pepper, which was the seasoning for the beef. So flavour-wise, it was disappointing for me. The texture too was nothing fantastic – I found it a bit tough. I loved my choice of sides though! The pumpkin was amazing in its natural essences, and the apple salad was a refreshing touch.

Caveman Foods Moroccan Half-chicken Meal

Weiling ordered the Half-Chicken meal ($12.90), which came with a choice of Moroccan / Italian / Mexican flavours. She opted for the moroccan, and I really loved it!! I was so tempted to steal her food. In contrast to the beef, the chicken was cooked incredibly well, and was delightfully tender. The spices were aromatic, and went well with her sides of sweet potato and boiled vegetables.

I was quite satisfied with the food at Caveman Foods. The portions are really very generous! They gave quite a large quantity of everything (meat included), and we could barely finish our food. Prices have been increasing sharply since its launch though, and I’m finding it a tad pricey to be honest. I believe it’s still cheaper than Daily Cut though, which is the next Paleo concept that I want to try out soon!

Caveman Foods
Square 2 #B1-130
Daily 11.15am-7.45pm


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