#superheroestravel to Montigo!

Finally went to Montigo!!! <3 I’ve been wanting to go there since the resort launched (was it a couple of years back already??) And I’m so glad for the company I went with. So happy to be travelling with the superheroes again! It was a really short weekend getaway, but it was ah-mazing. Love how we are such great travel buddies!! This post is going to be a photo heavy post, enjoy ^^ Arrived in Montigo! We were all prepared with our sunglasses and all, and guess what? It started pouring 10min after we reached the resort. The HORROR. We couldn’t check in immediately since we were early, so headed out to Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre for some ayam penyet and massage! We spent a bit too much time there though :/ By the time we reached back to the resort, the sun was setting!! Sun sets really early there, starting 5plus-6pm? Since the resort compound is quite big, we had a buggy to bring us around. This was the swoon-worthy view from our living room! The sunset was so beautiful :’) And loved that we had an infinity pool all to ourselves. It was hilarious because SK & I were going crazy about the gorgeous villa while Sam was listening patiently to the staff who was going through the features of the villa xD I didn’t hear a word of it. Oops. We went absolutely nuts over the massive master bedroom that led into…. …an even more amazing bathroom. I swear, this is the most beautiful bathroom I’ve ever seen :’) This was the life~ And if that wasn’t enough, we couldn’t contain our excitement when we saw the sky terrace!!! It was PERFECT for camwhoring with the sunset in the background :’) At least that was the case for SK & I. The guys were obviously not interested. Haha!! We had to practically arm-twist the boyfriends into taking photos with us -.- So thankful for this babe who loves taking photos as much as me! Heh. What would I do without her :’) Managed to cajole the guys into taking some photos as well (who can resist that sunset?!) and they had their own boyband photoshoot ;) We were torn between taking photos on the sky terrace and getting into the pool for more photos! That precious hour of sun remaining. Gosh. We rushed for a dip in the pool, and managed to catch this stunning sunset. That paddlepop sky :’) We had an incredible time chilling in the pool, chatting and laughing so hard. We were starving by the time it came to dinner because our reservation was at 7.30pm, which meant it was 8.30pm in Singapore! And the food took so long to be served. Actually we wanted to have a BBQ, but apparently they don’t have it on Fridays and Saturdays which was such a pity :( Instead, we opted for the 3 course BBQ dinner at Tigo which cost RP 300,000 per pax. Honestly, it wasn’t worth it. Don’t go for that option  unless you don’t have a choice!  We spent a hilarious night after that playing Circle of Death. But somehow I just couldn’t sleep that night! Ended up waking up really early especially since the sun was up by 6am -.- thank goodness for Sam who (reluctantly) got up with me to take photos in the pool in the morning ^^ otherwise I would have been so bored. Thanks darling (:  Then it was breakfast time! Probably one of the things that all of us were looking forward to. This is always my favourite section! Always have to control myself from loading up on the carbs, but I really can’t resist all these yummy-looking goodies. Loved how there was an egg station, which was probably Sam’s favourite! And everyone loved the porridge station too, which was such a comforting choice after all the drinks the previous night.   We had some amazing fun taking photos at the jetty after that! It was crazy hot by then and SK & I had to practically arm-wrestle the guys down to the pier to take these photos but it was so worth it!  So much love for these people :)) I’m so glad that our holiday materialised! We’d been talking about this for about a year, and I was so excited when SK (I think) suggested it. Sad that the rest couldn’t make it, and I was thinking twice about it too because of the number of trips I took this year already. But since I’ve been wanting to go to Montigo, and I thought there would probably be no other chance, I decided to go ahead with it #YOLO!!! And no regrets at all ^^ Turned out just right in the end that it was just 5 of us so we could fit into a villa comfortably! And it was so so fun. Looking forward to the next one in 2016 (: Hope it comes true!!

Some useful information for the trip:
– We paid about $400+ for a night (promo rate) in the Hillside Villa and added $121nett for the 5th person – The ferry tickets were purchased from Batam Fast for about $46 per pax
– There is a free return shuttle from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal to Montigo Resort
– A return taxi ride from Montigo Resort to Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre cost RP 400,000 (for 3 hours; additional costs apply for a longer duration). The journey takes 45min-1hour for one way, depending on the traffic
– The time in Batam is 1 hour behind Singapore


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