10 Scotts Afternoon Tea

So once in awhile, I like to bring mummy for a relaxing afternoon out (: It’s the second we had some time like this since I started work, and I’m so glad that I can bring her for some pampering nowadays. It’s always fun dreaming about being a tai-tai and chatting over tea and yummy treats. I hope I have daughters next time! Haha.

Anyways, I took a half day off (wheeee!) to bring mummy out for High Tea at 10 Scotts. I had a bit of a challenge deciding where to bring her. There were many options, but there didn’t seem to be one that was suitable. I would say that our last high tea at Anti:dote set a pretty high bar as well!

10 Scotts High Tea Tiered SetThe Afternoon Tea at 10 Scotts is a combination of a two-tiered tray, with a semi-buffet spread. The good thing about it is that everything is refillable, including items on the tiered tray. We really liked the items on the tray, and those in the picture below are the refills which we requested. Have to say that we were a little too over-enthusiastic though, because we had problems finishing the food in the end!

10 Scotts High Tea setThe top tier were the savoury items – deep fried crab cakes, mini lobster (I think) rolls, crispy curry puffs and smoked salmon with cream cheese. The bottom tier were the sweet items, which were scones with kaya/jam/butter spread and macarons. I enjoyed all the items on the tray, save for the macarons that were too sweet. Perhaps it would have been a better idea to eat more of those items instead of the buffet!

10 Scotts High Tea Cheese SpreadThe buffet spread was really disappointing in my opinion. It was merely this cheese station and another table next to it, and that was it!! Somehow the variety sounded much wider in other reviews that I read, and I had a somewhat nasty surprise when I saw the rather miserable selection. I decided not to waste my stomach space on the bread and cheese, but instead proceeded to the other table which had items like har gow, about three varieties of sushi, popiah and some desserts. I felt that the quality was nothing impressive as well.

10 Scotts High Tea Live StationPerhaps the lone saving grace of that buffet area was the live cooking station, where a single dish was prepared. I was lucky that the chef had just prepared a fresh batch of food when I went over, and I was rewarded with slabs of succulent beef. The sauce was delightfully tasty, but another gripe that I had was that none of the items were labelled! Which leaves diners to guess what items they are taking from the buffet line. There were too many unidentified items on the dessert table, that I had to ask the staff what each item was.

10 Scotts High Tea Shucked OystersThere’s a fridge behind the cheese table, and there was a tray of oysters in it. The oysters were pretty good! Though I’m not a fan (I usually can eat just one or two), but I enjoyed them.

10 Scotts High Tea Ice CreamThere was also a selection of ice creams on the lower levels of the fridge in adorable jars! I heard they’re pretty good, but we were too full to eat anymore so I didn’t get to try them.

10 Scotts High Tea Fragola TeaOne of the things I liked about this high tea was that even the drinks were fully refillable! Choose from an assortment of tea and coffee, and they even had juices and iced/hot chocolate available! Usually high teas tend to allow just one variety that is re-fillable, but 10 Scotts actually allows you to order several types of drinks. I tried the Rooibas Vanille which was a lusciously rich tea that had a tinge of creaminess from the vanilla. Mummy had the Fragola (pictured above), which was a delicious blend of hibiscus flowers, rosehip peel, apple bits, marigold flowers and red rose petals. Such a pretty-sounding tea, and though I was initially sceptical about certain ingredients in it, the blend turned out wonderfully. I also had the rose buds, which was an elegant, light tea.

Overall, though I liked the items on the tiered tray and the fact that they were refillable, I  felt that this high tea could have been better overall. When I first stepped into the restaurant, I had the impression that they were still clearing up from the first seating, with the buffet line appearing half-bare. It was only half an hour into the seating that I realised that was really all there was for the entire high tea. Ah well. Boo. Plus points have to be given for the ambience though! We got really comfy sofa seats, with a view of a waterfall outside. And I liked how we were allowed to sit and enjoy our food way after the afternoon tea session ended, though you should note that the last order is at 5pm.

10 Scotts
Grand Hyatt
Tel.: +65 6732 1234
Afternoon Tea is served Mon-Sun
1st Seating: 12pm-2.30pm
2nd Seating: 3pm-5pm


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