Dazzling Cafe

When I went to Taiwan for my grad trip last year, there were so many cafes that I wanted to visit, and Dazzling Cafe was one of them. Due to time constraints, I never made it there though. But I’m so glad that this cafe landed on our shores instead, and I finally had the chance to try it out! Saw so many photographs of the gorgeous matcha toast splashed all over social media and I was dying to try it for myself!

Dazzling Cafe Matcha ToastI was initially a tad sceptical about whether it would taste as good as it looked, but I needn’t have worried really. And all those stories about the horrendous queues? Guess I got lucky ;) We could get a seat almost immediately when we were there! It was probably a combination good timing and the fact that it was just two of us, because we did see other groups of people waiting around. Possibly why the queue is so long is also because the food took such a long time to be served! Be prepared to wait 20-30min for the famed toasts to be served. But it was absolutely worth it, in my opinion. And it’s not cheap either! From what I understand it’s about 50% more expensive than what it would cost in Taiwan. But, like I said – it was so good.

We just had to order the Matcha with Azuki Beans Honey Toast ($19.90)! I was adamant about it haha. It was sooooo pretty! You get to select from three levels of crispness – soft, normal and crispy. Since it was my first time, we went for the normal. And it was just right! Deliciously crispy toast topped with a rather generous scoop of matcha ice cream, some adzuki beans and loads of whipped cream. Too much, in my opinion. I would have preferred more ice cream. I had so much fun mopping up the ice cream with the bread. Yummy!

Dazzling Cafe Hazelnut Chocolate ToastWe enjoyed the matcha toast so much that we decided to order another one xD The Hazelnut Chocolate Honey Toast ($19.90) was pretty good too, but not much like what I’d expected it to be! There wasn’t enough hazelnut chocolate for one thing. Sure, there was the sauce. But the ice cream was vanilla! Which was a bit of a letdown. At least it should have been a chocolate ice cream, no?? I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

So, would I come back again? Perhaps, if I’m in the mood to indulge. But not in the near future I guess.

Dazzling Cafe
Capitol Piazza #01-85
Tel.: +65 6384 3310


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