I love all things spicy, and Thai food has to be one of my favourite Asian cuisines. It’s one cuisine that I can’t seem to get much of in Singapore though. My go-to place would be Nakhon for its affordable and fiery dishes, and I have no idea why I never did a post on that, but its popularity speaks for itself. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out ParaThai and I was very impressed with what it offered! Part of the Paradise Group, ParaThai is a bold step beyond their niche in Chinese cuisine, and they did a fantastic job of bringing authentic, quality Thai dishes to the table. They have a pretty extensive menu and dishes are whipped up by their homegrown Thai chefs using original recipes and fresh premium ingredients.

Gosh, where do I even begin?! There were so many yummy things we tried that day.

Parathai Thai ChendolThe friendly waitress offered us a drink the moment we sat down, and I couldn’t resist the Thai Chendol ($5.80) that looked simply delicious on the menu. To be honest, I never knew such a drink existed in Thailand, but it was incredibly good! Richer than the typical chendol we have in Singapore, possibly due to more coconut milk being used, this was an amazing treat, and the shaved ice helped to keep the drink refreshing. We also tried the Thai Iced Tea ($4.20) which is a typical favourite. I liked how the flavour of the thai tea was distinct, yet not too overpowering, as I’m not that huge a fan of the taste.

Parathai Pandan Leaf RiceI was surprised to find that one of ParaThai’s specialties was their Pandan Leaf Rice ($1.20). I can’t imagine anyone opting for plain white rice when such an option is available! It had a delicious perfume lent by the infusion of fresh pandan leaves, and it’s completely natural with no artificial colouring. It went perfectly with all the dishes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if customers ask for seconds because it’s the best complement to the piquant, spicy thai dishes.

Parathai Homemade Minced Pork in Rice Noodle WrapFor the appetiser, we had the Homemade Minced Pork in Rice Noodle Wrap ($6.90 for 4pcs) which is a new dish to me as well. (I realised how my knowledge of thai food was so lacking after this tasting…) The minced pork had very forward sweet and savoury flavours, which was balanced by the simple rice noodle wrap and lettuce.

Parathai Homemade Pandan Leaf Chicken One of my favourite thai dishes is the Homemade Pandan Leaf Chicken ($8.90 for 4pcs) and ParaThai’s rendition didn’t disappoint. Several dishes at ParaThai come with sauce or seasoning on the side, and they are fantastic accompaniments to the dishes, as with the sweet thai chilli in this case.

Parathai Tom Yum Soup with Sea PrawnsTom Yam Goong ($19.90 per pot)! The epitome of Thai cuisine. A thai meal is never complete without it, and I absolutely love this for its appetising flavours. ParaThai’s version uses sea prawns, instead of chicken or pork to tap on the natural sweetness of the crustacean that adds depth to the broth. We noted that the flavour of lemongrass was not very apparent, but this might not necessarily be a bad thing for those who aren’t a fan of the herb.

Parathai Stir-fried Pork with Basil LeavesStir-fried Pork with Basil Leaves ($11.90) is another mandatory dish when I’m at thai restaurants. Boy, this was spicy! But it was also really addictive.

Parathai Stir-fried Mini Asparagus with Egg Beancurd and Mushroom I appreciated how we were served with a balance of dishes which made the meal very palatable. Of course, I’ve gotta admit that thai food is always so appetising that I simply can’t stop till the meal is over, but it’s good to have such a balance anyway. The Stir-fried Mini Asparagus with Egg Beancurd and Mushroom ($12.90) was a simple dish that was made fragrant with the generous use of garlic, and it was what I reached for repeatedly in between all the other spicy, zesty dishes.

Parathai Traditional Thai Green Curry ChickenTraditional Thai Green Curry Chicken ($12.90) is one of my favourite thai dishes as well, but I was a tad disappointed by ParaThai’s version. It somehow wasn’t as flavourful as it should be, especially when it was contrasted with the Roast Duck in Red Curry with Pineapple ($14.90).

Parathai Roast Duck in Red Curry with Pineapple Now this was really awesome! The flavours of this dish went fabulously well with each other. The subtle gamey-ness of the duck added dimension to the fragrant curry, while fruits in the gravy added a natural sweet and tangy element, making it irresistible.

Parathai Steamed Seabass with Lime and Chilli The Steamed Seabass with Lime and Chilli ($29.90) came in a really generous portion. And that broth, WOW. You can probably guess from the pairing of lime and chilli that it was deliciously appetising. If I wasn’t such a huge fan of tom yam soup, I might actually fall for this broth. It was so good, and helped to counter any possible fishiness from the seabass, though I probably needn’t have worried as the fish was delightfully fresh and plump.

Parathai  “Crying Tiger” BBQ Beef Steak served with Homemade Sauce Probably a dish that is unique to ParaThai is the “Crying Tiger” BBQ Beef Steak served with Homemade Sauce ($16.90), and this was one of the highlights of the meal for me! Succulent slabs of beef steak that were lightly seared to a gorgeous pink hue, dipped in a sweet, sour and savoury sauce. This was so good, I wish I could eat it again, right now.

Parathai Sweet Tapioca served with Coconut MilkWe were stuffed after all the mains, but as the saying goes, “There’s always room for dessert!” And I was definitely not going to miss out on the amazing-sounding offerings that were on the menu! We started with the Sweet Tapioca served with Coconut Milk ($4.90) and what I really like about ParaThai is how they use pure, natural ingredients. Nothing went into this dish except for tapioca, simple as that. A drizzle of coconut milk lends an additional tinge of richness and body to this, and you’ve got a dessert right there.

Parathai Mango Sticky Rice served with Coconut MilkMango Sticky Rice served with Coconut Milk ($6.90) is such a ubiquitous thai dessert! I’ve never really found any in Singapore that is really worth buying though. You can get it at much more affordable prices in Bangkok with twice the amount of mango! Same goes for ParaThai. But it’s good to note that they take care to select only the sweet mangoes, so availability is dependent on the mangoes they can find that morning.

Parathai Deep-fried Banana Fritters served with HoneyNow for the more exciting desserts. Deep-fried Banana Fritters served with Honey ($5.90) are essentially goreng pisang aka fried banana, literally. But this version is elevated with the honey sauce that comes with it! It was so good. The secret? Mashed bananas in the honey which give it an amazing saccharine sweetness that was perfect when slathered on the fried bananas. If only I wasn’t so full…

Parathai Red Ruby served with Jackfruit and Coconut Milk If you’re already full to bursting but still looking for something to end off your meal with, I’d definitely recommend ParaThai’s Red Ruby served with Jackfruit and Coconut Milk ($5.90). Honestly, I was never a fan of Red Ruby as I always thought it was way too sweet. After trying ParaThai’s version, I’m a convert. The first mouthful was a little confusing for me. There was this light floral aroma which I didn’t like much at first; possibly a tad reminiscent of fever medicine or something? The taste grew on me though, and I began to love its lightness the more I dug into it. The red rubies are the star of this dessert, and there was such a generous portion of it inside! I’m pretty sure such generosity is not easy to find in other thai establishments. Furthermore, the red rubies are handmade every morning from scratch, as the chef’s take pride in ensuring the quality of these beauties – you’ll find that ParaThai’s red rubies are much crunchier than normal, because they have lots of water chestnut in it, unlike other places where the jelly features more in the rubies. It’s a tough fight to determine which is my favourite between this and the Banana fritters, but I’d go for this if I’m looking for something refreshing to end my meal.

Overall, I had a really great experience at ParaThai. The food was absolutely amazing, and reasonably-priced! Will definitely be back. And to sweeten the deal a little more, ParaThai is having a promotion in conjunction with SG50! They are launching a Thai Classic Menu:
6 course meal at $50 for 2 pax
7 course meal at $80 for 4 pax
OCBC Cardmembers and Paradise Gourmet Rewards members enjoy a further 20% off the Thai Classic Set Menus.

Valid daily from 1 Jul to 31 Aug and for dine-in only. (This special set menu is available on National Day too!)
Not valid in conjunction with other discounts, promotions, vouchers or membership privileges. Other terms and conditions apply.

11 Tanjong Katong Road, #02-23 OneKM Mall
Tel.: +65 6702 2541
Mon-Fri 11am-10pm
Sat. Sun & PH 10.30am-10pm

This was a media tasting. Thank you Paradise Group for the invite.


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