NDP 2015

Hellooooo! I’m so stoked that I managed to watch this year’s NDP rehearsal! It’s been quite a number of years since I last watched the parade live. We used to be able to catch it every year (usually just the preview), and while I probably took that for granted in the past, it’s really nice to be back again! And for SG50’s Jubilee parade!!! I was so excited ^^ big thanks to Sam’s bro who managed to get us tickets for the show hehe. It was our first time attending NDP together! And though we don’t enjoy squeezing with crowds much (especially Sam), we were really glad for this opportunity to catch the rehearsal. The atmosphere was amazing already! Can’t imagine how it’ll be like on the real day :’) Definitely going to be plastered to the TV on that day! Hehe, so proud to be a Singaporean <3

And it was especially exciting this year too because my dearest colleagues were marching in the contingent!! So fun trying to spot them on the big screen. Sadly we were sitting facing the back of the parade -.- Could hardly see anything. Managed to take photos with them after the event was over though!!! So awesome! The vintage uniform is too cute xD

Amazing sunset during the parade. Singapore is so beautiful! The only disappointment was that we couldn’t see the fireworks AT ALL!!!!! :”( Because our backs were to it, and it was blocked by the massive billboard behind us. Such a pity!

We went for drinks (and dinner for Sam) at Joo bar after that! Finally tried the Yucha Sojurita and it was every bit as good as what I’ve heard. It was sorta thrilling to slurp the cocktail while the beer was being poured in to prevent the drink from overflowing!

Anyways, I’m really in the shopping mood now with GSS and all. I’ve been on a compulsive spree and it looks like it’s not going to end anytime soon with Zalora’s NDP 2015 sales coming right up! I just bought some stuff from there last night…looks like there’s more to look forward to!!


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