Hyde & Co

Hyde & Co opened quite some time ago with a somewhat English-tearoom concept serving scones as their specialty. I wanted to try it way back then, but never made it there. Recently, they revamped their menu! And it reminded me that I had yet to visit the place. Decided to pop by one day since I was in the area to check out the new menu, and I have to say that I was pretty satisfied!

Hyde & Co Speedy GonzalesThe dish that was most highly sought-after at our table was the Speedy Gonzales ($15). Quite a deviation from their original English-themed offerings. This was more mexican, perhaps? It was a refreshing change and absolutely delicious though. The slow braised pulled pork was marinated in a housemaid BBQ sauce which I wish I knew the secret recipe for it because it tasted so good! It was complemented with creamy scrambled eggs, guacamole and pico de gallo which was naturally a match made in heaven.

Hyde & Co Holy SmokesI ordered the Holy Smokes ($17) which was essentially a smoked salmon bagel. I fell in love with this combination when I first tried it in Melbourne! Flavour-wise, this was great, with thick slices of Norwegian smoked salmon and cream cheese! Loved the capers which added a tinge of acidity that refreshed the dish, and I wished there were more of it. The bagel, unfortunately, was a huge letdown. It was so so tough, which made it really difficult to cut through and eat.

Hyde & Co Adam & Eve TeaI was so happy to find that Hyde & Co had an extensive tea menu that is almost impossible to find in any other cafe! While most cafes avail their diners to a pretty diverse range of coffee, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Hyde & Co leaned towards the “high-tea” idea of providing a wider tea selection. Adam & Eve ($9/pot) is a black Chinese tea blend naturally flavoured with caramelised figs! It also had elements of rosemary, rose buds and rose petals, with drops of caramel and hazelnut. While I couldn’t detect much of the floral notes, I liked the creamy, slightly nutty profile of the tea, which was probably a result of the caramel and hazelnut. A very pleasant tea to drink, and I would probably have drank a lot more of it if I wasn’t worried about the caffeine effects! Perhaps I would come back for the tea selection one day. There are so many others that I would love to try!

Hyde & Co
785 North Bridge Road
Tel.: +65 9369 4369
Mon-Sun 11am-6pm (closed on Tue)


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